Freewell Ipad Mini Monitor Hood Compatible With DJI Mavic Pro /Platinum /Alpine White / Mavic Air / DJI Spark

The iPad Mini Monitor Hood from Freewell is the perfect accessory to ensure you get the best view on your viewing screen. This monitor hood is made specifically to fit iPad Mini tablets. The remote controllers are adaptable for controlling the DJI Spark selfie drone and the varied DJI Mavic Pro /DJI Mavic Pro Platinum series of drones.
The iPad Mini Monitor Hood from Freewell is the perfect solution to reduce the unwanted glare on the viewing screen when flying your DJI Mavic Drones or the DJI Spark drone.

Product Features

  • -The Monitor Hood for DJI Mavic / Spark shields your ipad Mini screen on your Remote Controller from direct sunlight to give you a clearer view of your screens which helps to improve visibility of screen significantly.
  • -The hood attaches quickly and easily to your controller and can be adjusted to best shield the sun and improve your view.
  • -The hood fits perfect for your iPad Mini measuring 9.58 x 6.94 x 0.31 inches
  • -Durable Nylon Eva material is light weight & water resistant Easy to fold, carry and store.
  • -Made for use with DJI Mavic 2 Pro , Mavic 2 Zoom , Mavic Pro /Platinum /Alpine White / Mavic Air / DJI Spark Remote Control

3 Replies to “Freewell Ipad Mini Monitor Hood Compatible With DJI Mavic Pro /Platinum /Alpine White / Mavic Air / DJI Spark”

  1. Say goodbye to squinting, washed out screens and glare on very bright days. Here in AZ the sun is out all the time and viewing my I Pad Mini with my Mavic Pro Can be BRUTAL!I had purchased some other Items from FREEWELL recently, and I was impressed with the quality of their filters and landing pad so I figured I would try this product and another during my most recent order.It attaches easily but threading up the clips takes a bit of trial and error. I had also ordered…

  2. A bit cumbersome to set up on the iPad 4 Mini, so I just leave it on all the time unless I have to pack my controller away for travel. The little port on the bottom doesn’t work for me. Too small (narrow), so I inadvertently always touch the wrong “button” on the iPad screen just by being too close to it. Not good during flights. So, I just go in from the top which works for me. Most annoying thing about this hood is that the strap on the right side that secures the hood to the iPad…

  3. This item is a very good idea but needs to be redesigned, the straps used to connect to the iPad mini presses on volume down button so if you rely on listening for the notification of atti mode you will not hear it! I placed this on two different ways and even kept the straps loose almost loose enough for the pad to fall out, not safe for your pad! It doesn’t stay square on the pad, it slides around unless you tighten it up hence the volume problem. It works great for keeping the glare off the…

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