ZAGG Cover, Backlit, hinged, Bluetooth keyboard for iPad Air – White

ZAGG Cover Case with Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad Air-White

ZAGG Cover Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad Air

ZAGG Cover is a versatile Bluetooth keyboard for your iPad Air.
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Get More from Your iPad Air

The ZAGG Cover is one of the most versatile Bluetooth keyboards on the market. It features a unique hinge design that lets you position your screen at virtually any viewing angle. The clever design feature lets you reverse your screen, converting the Cover into a convenient, one-piece reader or movie screen. When you’re ready to type again, simply flip your screen around and enjoy backlit, island-style keys. A powerful battery keeps the Cover going for up to six months of normal use before it needs to be charged.

The Industry Standard for Tablet Keyboards

ZAGG is the industry standard in wireless Bluetooth keyboards. They deliver innovations that are your best fit for your mobile life.

What’s in the Box

Package includes one ZAGG Cover Keyboard, one USB to micro USB charging cable, and a user’s manual.

ZAGG Cover Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad Air

More Angles

Featuring a unique hinge design that adjusts through 135 degrees, the cover holds your iPad Air at whatever viewing angle is best for you, just like a laptop.

ZAGG Cover Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad Air

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More Space

The ZAGG Cover is thinner than other Bluetooth keyboards. Measuring only 6.3 millimeter, that’s barely more than a quarter inch, it will do more for your iPad Air, in less space. And while it’s thinner than the competition, it still provides up to 30% more typing space than most tablet keyboards.

ZAGG Cover Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad Air

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More Colors

With backlit keys that can be customized in an array of colors and brightness, the ZAGG Cover makes typing in low-light situations a breeze. Plus, you get to customize your typing experience and make it yours.

ZAGG Cover Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad Air

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More Diverse

Ready to type? The cover makes typing comfortable and easy. Ready to read, or watch a movie? The cover also makes those activities easy. It also has a one-of-a-kind reading mode. Simply lock the cover behind your iPad and enjoy reading and watching bliss. When you’re ready for more typing, flip the keyboard around and you’re ready to go.

ZAGG Cover Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad Air

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More Natural

The ZAGG Cover offers the roomiest island-style keys that feel just like a traditional keyboard, so you can type comfortably and naturally without sacrificing speed and accuracy. Its dedicated special function keys also work just like the ones you’re used to, so your fingers won’t even realize they aren’t typing on a laptop.

ZAGG Cover Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad Air

More Life

The cover comes with a long-lasting battery that can keep you going for up to six months of regular use between charges. In addition, cleverly placed magnets activate your iPad’s sleep/wake function to help maintain that long-lasting battery life. Regular use is estimated at one hour per day. Using the backlit feature will impact battery life and may require more frequent charging.

Product Features

  • The Cover’s patent pending design lets you place your iPad in a convenient reading mode
  • One-of-a-kind hinge design allows for virtually any viewing angle – just like a laptop
  • The Bluetooth Keyboard features island-style keys and 30% more typing space than the competition
  • At only 6.3mm thin, less than a quarter of an inch, the Cover is 14% smaller than competitor keyboards
  • A powerful battery offers up to three months of use between charges
  • Backlit keys in interchangeable colors make typing in low light areas a breeze
  • Special function keys help you get more done from the convenience of your keyboard

3 Replies to “ZAGG Cover, Backlit, hinged, Bluetooth keyboard for iPad Air – White”

  1. Landscape works great, portrait mode a problem This is, at least for me, the best keyboard cover I’ve used so far. As I’ve said on my other keyboard cover reviews, the keyboard cover needs to function as both a keyboard and a cover equally well. Though, it’s not the perfect cover and doesn’t support portrait mode easily, it’s about as good as it’s going to get for now. So far I’ve tried the , the…

  2. Light, Incredibly thin and beautifully designed. Is it the best iPad keyboard for you? OK – so firstly I have to admit I absolutely love the iPad, but while I love the touchscreen input, I also value the ability to touch-type at full speed. I took ages looking for a keyboard, and previously bought the Logitec Ultra Thin, then the Zagg Folio, and finally giving up in favour of this one. Read on for a comparative review.Basically there are two types of keyboard. Folio keyboards use a “laptop” style, turning your iPad into a MacBook Air, and the…

  3. By far one the best keyboard available for the iPad This is one of the best keyboard I have come across for any tablet, not just the iPad. Even compared to older models made for other/ older versions of the iPad, this one pales in comparison to them all.Pros:-Backlit keyboard with varying brightness-Ability to change color of backlight (not exactly necessary but still pretty cool)-First time pairing with a device is nearly foolproof and almost instantaneous-After turning off the keyboard and then turning…

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