Belkin 3-Outlet Mini Travel Swivel Charger Surge Protector with Dual USB Ports, 5 Charging Outlets Total (1 AMP / 5 Watt)

Hotel rooms and airport terminals never seem to have enough power outlets to charge all the devices today’s traveler brings along. Now you can add outlets and peace of mind on business trips and vacations with the Belkin Mini Surge Protector. AC Plug Style: Wall Mount, EMI/RFI Noise Filtration: 150kHz ~ 100MHz up to 40 dB reduction , Joule Rating: 918J, Maximum Spike Current: 36,000A , Number of Outlets (total): 5 (3 AC, 2 USB), Powered USB Output: 5V/500mA each port, Responses Time: <1 nanosecond.

Product Features

  • Superior power protection from damaging voltage fluctuations, surges, and spikes
  • 2 powered USB ports for charging your digital cameras, smartphones, MP3 players, and portable hard drives
  • Wall-mountable for 3 extra AC outlets without extra cords
  • 360-degree rotating plug with 4 locking positions for a compact, lightweight design
  • Damage-resistant housing protects circuits from fire, impact or rust, and prevents dents and scratches

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3 Replies to “Belkin 3-Outlet Mini Travel Swivel Charger Surge Protector with Dual USB Ports, 5 Charging Outlets Total (1 AMP / 5 Watt)”

  1. Not so MINI, but a good surge product overall. I’ve been searching for a product that can extend the outlet on my bathroom for the electrical products that I use. I finally came across this Belkin mini surge protector and features:- 3 AC power outlets- 2 USB outlets ONLY for charging (not data transfer) at 5V / 500mA at each port- Surge protection on all 5 outlets- 918 Joules Energy Dissipation- 125V / 15A / 1,875W Continuous Duty Electrical Rating- 36,000A Maximum Spike Current- Lifetime…

  2. Nice wall mounted surge protection with a slight vampire load I was shopping for surge suppressors and came across this Belkin wall mounted unit. I like wall mounted units better because I hate having power strips laying on the floor. This unit has the added bonus of having two USB charging ports on it.Pros,- 2 USB charging ports for phones, IPODs, etc.- wall mounted.- $25,000 insurance protection.Cons,- The USB chargers always draw a small bit of electricity even when not being used. I plugged this surge…

  3. USB output too low To get directly to this items flaw… It cannot recharge/power more than one USB item at a time. So what’s the point in having two USB outputs?The 120V outlets work as advertised. The ability to rotate the prongs is a plus as it can be adjusted to most if not all outlets.The USB power fails if more than one item at a time is plugged into the surge protector. Even if, say your phone is fully charged, if you go to connect another item to run or charge, the surge protector will not…

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