Apple Pencil Cap Holder,Bepack Apple Pencil Accessories Soft Silicone Elastic Stylus Pen Holder with Hook / Nib Cover / Lightning Cable Adapter Tether for iPad Pro Pencil(4-Pieces)

Product Features

  • Made of silicone rubber, durable. Easy to install and use. Grips tightly to the body of your Apple Pencil so it will not fall off. Designed for iPad Pro 9.7, iPad Pro 10.5 & iPad Pro 12.9 pencil.
  • Protective cap holder keeps your pencil cap safe while using the pencil, stop it from rolling off the pencil.
  • Secures data cable to Micro USB Adapter. Easy to install/ take off.
  • Pencil Cap Holder plus hook, it is easy to carry, easy to use.
  • Package includes: 1x Pencil Cap Holder plus hook, 1x Nib Cover, 1x Lightning Cable Adapter Tether (Apple Pencil & Cap & Charging Cable & Adapter Not Included!)

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