AboveTEK Long Arm Aluminum Tablet Stand, Folding iPad Stand with 360° Swivel iPhone Clamp Mount Holder, Fits 4-11″ Display Tablet/Phones for Kitchen Table Bedside Office Desk POS Kiosk Reception

Do you want to enjoy complete hands-free experience for home entertainment while watching movies, reading news with your ipad, cooking dinner while learning recipe on your tablet in the kitchen for family?
Do you want to be more productive on work tasks with your ipad being a dual-screen for your laptop at office?
Do you want your professional presentation to be more engaging at showroom, events, conference?
Do you want to make your business transaction smoother and faster at restaurants, shops, Café, or any commercial retail store?
Do you want to film your art creation and need a sturdy mount to hold you your ipad and shoot fantastic videos above your hands?

This long arm tablet mount stand can serve you all the needs of using a tablet at home and business environment. Nowadays, tech gadgets especially tablets have become essential in our daily life. We work, play, watch, read, shop, type and do business all on our tablets. These interactions with your tech gadgets will be much more enhanced and facilitated with this universal tablet holder.


1. Use both Allen Keys included to adjust damping/tightness of each joint located underneath the base and on the upper & lower arm to suit specific need for your device. Loosen the joint for easy adjustment and fasten the joint to fix an angle or withstand heavy tablets

2. Check and make sure either length or width of your tablet is in the range of the bracket holder expansion (4.5″-7.5″) in order to properly fit

3. For best stability and avoid tipping over, put upper arm & lower arm in opposite folding direction

Product Features

  • Sturdy & heavy-duty metal base and arm form a highly rigid structure to sustain various tablets and phones with up to 1.3 feet elevation for better posture and eyelevel view. Multi-task as a dual-screen display on office desktop and retail business Point of Sale register, etc.
  • Universal Apple iPad holder with clamps on both sides fits any 4″-11″ display tablet PCs (iPad Air/Mini/10.5-inch iPad Pro/Galaxy Tab) or Smartphones (iPhone X 8 & 8 Plus 4/5/6/7/Plus/Samsung Galaxy) with width or length measurement in the range of 4.5-7.5″, an ideal ipad desk mount great for home office and business occasion
  • Highly flexible 15″ aluminum long arm with 360 degree rotation & multi angle folding, adjustable as a gooseneck arm, it offers long reach for 10.5″ iPad Pro/iPhone mount, a must-have iPad stand for entertainment & display. Perfect hands-free convenience for seniors enjoying modern technology
  • Ergonomic design echoes with your sleek tech gadgets in harmony, featuring special cutouts on both the holder and the base for housing power cord – a true tablet computer stand with rubber padding on bracket holder for protection. Use as ipad mini holder mount for bed, mobile display and much more
  • Extremely versatile mobile device docking station with a ¼” DSLR Camera Adapter included to transform into a tripod or a projector stand. Adjusting tightness of the arm base with included Allen Key ensures superb stability and wobble-free strong grip

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  1. The stand I’ve been searching for for years! I use my Samsung Galaxy Tab S 3 primarily bedside as a media device. it is my night clock, alarm, video and music system, Plex media, and book/magazine reader. My Nightstand is a little higher than my mattress, so I’ve tried multiple stand that I can lower the screen to approximatelly the same height as the base, and slightly forward, without the fear of toppling. The weight of the base and the ability to tighten all the hinges with the included allen wrenches makes this exceptional for my…

  2. UPDATE ON YESTERDAYS REVIEW UPDATE TO MY FIRST REVIEW:Yesterday I received a defective item where the rotating ball hinge wasn’t working properly. I contacted the seller and they were very fast to respond and resolve the situation. Not only did they email me, but they also called me to try and rectify the problem. They replaced the item at no charge to me and sent it out via Priority UPS. I received it today.This stand is perfect and I am extremely happy with my purchase. It is sturdy and stable. I…

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