Dual Car mount holder for iPhone and apple watch (5 / 5S / 6 / 6 plus/6s and both 42mm & 38mm sizes of 2015 Watch Models)

Exquisite Dual Car Mount-Holder for Apple iWatch and iPhone

•A PERFECT BLEND OF TWO DEVICES: Have an iPhone and an iWatch? Then why are you still locked up to using the single car mount holder when you can enjoy the best of both worlds by having your devices complement each other on our exquisite Dual car mount holder and still have no feel of a long distance travel?

•A SOLUTION FOR LONG DISTANCE: The dual car mount holder for iPhone and apple watch is the perfect choice for those who spend most of the day driving. Whether you are embarking on a business trip or a long distance travel, the dual car mount holder promises a great companion.

•AFFORDS A STRESS FREE BUSINESS-TRAVEL: Bolting a watch for hours can be torturing. The carefully designed dual holder saves you the stress of toggling your iPhone and apple watch amidst a long business travel. Our dual car mount holder will definitely make your travel with your kids more fun-filled, enjoyable and safe.

•STURDY DESIGN: This dual car mount holder once affixed onto the desired surface maintains stability owing to the carefully selected materials used to resist road vibration, minor impacts and lots more.

•EASY TO SET UP: Using the mount is extremely convenient and easy to set up. It can be affixed on the dashboard or windscreen such that people from the rear in your long vehicle can watch a video effortlessly, while you keep your devices charging via the cigarette lighter in your car.
With the Dual car mount holder, you will be safer on the road while making the best out of your iPhone and apple watch.

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Product Features

  • The exquisite dual car mount- holder is designed for Apple iPhone and Apple iWatch to bring a perfect blend of luxury.
  • The dual holder technology affords a firmly mount on to Dash/ Windshield / AC Vent and can be removed easily without special tools or technical reasoning.
  • Surface is lined with the best friction or shock absorber to keep your device scratch-free. Each mounting episode is always a warm experience.
  • With the Dual car mount-holder, you can use your iPhone while your Apple Watch complements as a hands-free speakerphone.
  • Charge your apple watch and your iPhone without a glitch while you enjoy your long trip.

2 Replies to “Dual Car mount holder for iPhone and apple watch (5 / 5S / 6 / 6 plus/6s and both 42mm & 38mm sizes of 2015 Watch Models)”

  1. A Great, Affordable Way to Display Your Watch & Phone This is a beautifully crafted stand that holds both phone and watch very well. Lightweight and with a modern, sleek design, this stand will allow you to display, and charge your phone and watch in an easy manner. I was impressed with the design and the craftsmanship. I also loved the the stand was inlaid with a channel for the cords for the watch and the phone making the amount of cords running all over the place much less. If you are looking to streamline how you charge and display your watch…

  2. Great stand, awesome construction! This stand came in a sturdy white box, absolutely suitable for wrapping and gift giving. Upon removing from the box, I was pleasantly surprised that it felt so sturdy and well made. There is a slot in the back to run your iPhone charging cable through, as well as a spot to “dock” your apple watch. It looks bigger in the picture, and I was relieved that it was much smaller upon opening the package. There are rubber feet on the bottom, and I was happy to see that it doesn’t move easily…

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