B.B.PAW English/Spanish Bilingual Kids LearningTablet,Enhance/Train Kid’s Abilities and Develop Talents,7 Inch HD Display-Pink

I already have a tablet, with which I can download free kids learning Apps, why should I buy B.B.PAW?
1. Normal tablet is like a “library”, you have to spend time to go there, you have to know which “book or app” is suitable to your kid, and you have to know where to find it. It is very hard for parents to pick all right books for each stage of their children. But B.B. PAW is like a school, there is a full learning system built-in, where all contents are well arranged and approved by early educators.
2. There is a “parent control” mode, which can protect kids eyes by preventing kids from long time playing, get into unsuitable website and download unhealthy apps.
3. B.B. PAW is specially designed for kids, it is more attractive to them. And a special tablet for kids will not ruin any works stored in parent’s tablet.
4. All Apps in B.B. PAW are free of charge.

What can kids learn from B.B. PAW?
Language skills, memory training, attention training, shapes, colors, music, painting, counting, logic thinking, animals, numbers, daily words, common knowledge about flowers, countries, galaxy and etc, fairy tales, simple Spanish or Chinese(dual language version only)

What is the specialty about B.B. PAW learning apps?
It must be “Whole Brian Training”. When B.B. PAW teaches kids above knowledge, it also train their brain abilities at same time, since kids are getting into their “key period” for many of their abilities, such as attention,observation,imagination,analysis,creativity,judgement, memory ,cognition, logical reasoning, space-time sensing,sociality ability, language ability,emotion ability,music ability

Package Included
B.B. PAW learning machine
USB cable

What is the warranty?
One year repairing warranty.

Product Features

  • Special English+Spanish bilingual kids learning tablet. All learning games are in both languages, kids learn counting, shapes, music, painting, daily items, words, logic, safety, manners, stories, animals, plants and countries in either language with one button switch. A perfect tool for kids to explore the new world at home. Most of the games are interactive, so kids can do more than watching cartoons or reading books.
  • B.B. PAW’s unique Elite Education Section focuses on Whole Brain Training which is important to kids at 2 to 6.
  • All contents in each subject are well selected and organized by preschool educators. And they are all preloaded free forever. This saves parents time, headache, and money to search, download and renew learning contents from time to time.
  • High quality 7inch HD display, specially designed shape for kids to hold easily. Parental Control Zone protects kids from improper internet content and long time playing.
  • This B.B.PAW Kids learning tablet provides 2-years warranty, on-time customer service and tech support. Please contact our BB PAW satisfactory Team for any quality issues.

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