TASCAM iXZ Mic / Instrument input for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Audio interface adaptor for ipad, iphone, ipod

Product Features

  • Mic & Guitar Interface for iPad, iPhone and iPod
  • XLR mic input with mic pre and phantom power
  • Guitar input with FET

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3 Replies to “TASCAM iXZ Mic / Instrument input for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch”

  1. Almost great, but for the price it can’t be beat The Tascam iXZ just popped up on my radar. As a voice over home studio consultant, I look for products like these to improve the lives of my clients. I don’t usually buy new gadgets for which I haven’t read a review previously, but at $50 I couldn’t resist. So I figured why not be the first to review this affordable audio interface and see how well it works?It seems that recording professional audio into an iPhone was never part of Steve Job’s master plan.While we…

  2. Adequate for some demo work – maybe Like other devices that rely on the dual-purpose analog I/O jack on iOS devices, the Tascam iXZ succeeds in delivering a signal, but fails for overdubbing. When headphones are plugged into the the iXZ, some of the headphone output signal is mixed with the microphone signal and returned to the iOS device input, making it practically useless for recording overdubs. Even for non-overdub situations, users should avoid having headphones plugged into the iXZ, as it will mix extra noise into the…

  3. “Currently” the best bang for buck interface for Android I’m an Android user, not an iWhatever user. As such, this pertains only to Android use, which does work by the way :)I’m running an HTC Evo View/Flyer tablet with Android 3.2, mainly with Jaytronix’ J4T 4-track, and Single Cell’s LoopStack app. Your milage may vary elsewhere.There’s nothing overly fancy here. Just a simple way to get any kind of mono signal you want into your device, including phantom powered condensor mics. As this is currently thirty dollars, which…

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