TFGIN@ Apple Watch Band, Stainless Steel with Silver-Shining Look/ Tight Magnet Lock, Easy to PutOn & TakeOff/ Great Gift Choice/ Dress Decorating/ For 38mm Apple Watch IWatch All Models

TFGIN Apple Watch Replace Band. Unique Magnet Design, easy to put on and take off. It’s a good choice for your apple watch band collection, also can be used to match your dress decorating, it can be fashion helping. Fit for all 38mm models. Apple watch band only, not include apple watch.

Product Features

  • Stainless Steel with Silver Shining Looking
  • Tight Magnet Lock/ Easy to PutOn or TakeOff
  • Great Quality with best cost perfermance
  • A good gift choice/ band collection choice
  • For All 38mm Apple Watch Models

Apple Watch Stand / Charging Dock, Solid Aluminum Charging Station for 2015 Apple Watch. Invisible Charging Cable for Elegant, Clean Look.

The Epitome of Elegance and Class.

Your Apple Watch is something to be proud of. Sophisticated. Elegant. Progressive. It’s a statement in and of itself … about you.

There are several choices to make when choosing a charging dock. Some less expensive, some more expensive, but how to choose the right one? Here’s our list:

· Looks. Does it match your décor? Is it a match for your Mac accessories and most importantly, your Apple Watch? There’s nothing worse than putting that luxurious watch on an ugly stand.

· Functionality. Does the charger fit snuggly and seamlessly? Are the cables well hidden? Does the watch sit at the proper viewing angle?

· Quality. What’s it made of? Cheap acrylic or light metal may be cheaper, but quality materials and design speak for themselves.

So now which one? You guessed it. Out Walkabout Apple Watch Stands meet all those criteria and more. And with our 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee, you can’t loose!

Product Features

  • Elegant solid Aluminum Apple Watch Charging Station. This charging dock fits the latest Apple Watch editions and is the ideal Apple Watch stand. Beautiful, solid metal, elegant, high quality Apple Watch Stand. If you like Nomad or Spigen, you’ll love this.
  • Sleek, curves and elegant feel make it a perfect companion for your Mac accessories. Made of solid, high-grade aluminum with a rubber, non-slip grip on the bottom of the watch stand to keep it from sliding on your nightstand or desktop. The charger wire is tucked invisibly into the docking station, leaving a clean wireless look.
  • Specially made to fit the latest Apple Watch chargers and watches. The magnetic charger fits snuggly and seamlessly into the watch stand. Well balanced so it won’t tip over.
  • The quality and workmanship of this charging dock is a perfect match for your Apple Watch. The sleek, contemporary design compliments any room. Please note the CHARGER IS NOT included.
  • Lifetime Guarantee! If it breaks, we’ll replace it. If you don’t like it, we have a no questions asked 30 day return policy. This is the best Apple Watch Stand on the market, so treat your self and your Apple Watch!

iOS 9 Features To Look Forward To; Apple iWatch OS Update In The Works

  • iOS 9 to include many new features including Beats Music

iOS 9 to include many new features including Beats Music (Photo : Twitter)

Apple is holding its cards rather close to its heart right now so far as the iOS 9 update is concerned though that is not deterring rumor mongers from making calculated assessments of what could be in store with the new iOS version.

End of road for iPhone 4s: While a new iOS update is no doubt exciting, the same may not be applicable to all, read iPhone 4s owners. iOS 8 had brought the curtains down for the iPhone 4, and it seems a similar fate awaits iPhone 4s once iOS 9 takes centerstage.  

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Robust update: Apple is also believed to have assigned some clear-cut targets for the iOS 9 team to achieve, to deliver an update that is polished enough right out of the gate. Put in other words, the update is expected to be refined and stable with none of the glitch that had put iOS 8 in some negative light, Gizmodo reported.

What is to be expected of iOS 9 is a light and compact update that is not too heavy on the processor or the battery. These are exactly the areas where iOS 8 had lacked leading to some serious performance and battery draining issues during the early stages of iOS 8.

Home App: A new addition to the iOS 9 will be the new Home app using which Apple envisages creating a virtual map of all smart gadgets in use within the house. While there still is sometime for the actual gadgets to arrive, the Home app will act to laying the foundation for a scenario where users will be able to control many of the devices at home via the Siri app on their iPhone or iWatch.

Siri makeover: While still on Siri, this again is another area that could see some significant upgrade in iOS 9, somewhat along the lines of the colorful makeover the digital personal assistant has been provided in iWatch.

Beats Music: Lastly, it is Beats Music that is pegged to be the big thing to look forward to in iOS 9. The app has been provided a significant makeover that has seen the addition of several new features and could emerge as a replacement for iTune Radio as well. What should come as a bigger surprise for many is that Apple may be including features of its now defunct Ping music social network site to Beats Music. Ping was officially discontinued in 2012 and may well see a revival of sorts again with iOS 9 update.

iWatch OS Update: Meanwhile, there are also reports of Apple working on a ‘Find my Watch’ feature for the iWatch that would allow users to track down their watch if it ever gets stolen or lost. As Know Your Mobile puts it, the feature which will be introduced in a new update will also allow users the option to remotely wipe their data on the iWatch if they so desire.

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Currencies 2.0 arrives with a new look, faster conversions, and Apple Watch support

Edovia has released Currencies 2.0, its app for quick currency conversion, rethinking the app and rebuilding it from scratch.

Currencies 2 is the latest offering from Edovia, the developer popular VNC solution Screens for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Currencies 2 offers a completely rethought interface over the previous version, and conversions are now easier to do and faster than ever. The app has also added support for the Apple Watch.

You can find all available currencies in one place. Once you set your source currency and enter the amount, you can quickly scroll through the app’s massive list to see all of the proper conversions. You can also set favorite or often-used currency at the top for a quick access.

Currencies 2 also has an intelligent converter, and can recognize numbers when you paste text that contains a numeric value. The app is location-aware, and will set your local currency as the source when you travel to different countries. You can use the Notification Center widget to make quick conversions.

Currencies 2 is available now from the App Store.

First look: Game streaming brings console-quality gameplay to Windows 10 devices

Microsoft didn't allow photos of the game streaming feature, since the user interface hasn't been locked down yet. Microsoft didn’t allow photos of the game streaming feature, since the user interface hasn’t been locked down yet.

A continuing theme from Microsoft’s presence at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco is that the company wants Windows 10 to be a release that draws the interest of gamers everywhere. One of the pillars of that plan is a Game Streaming feature that lets people stream games from their Xbox One to a PC or tablet in real time.

Microsoft hasn’t announced a release date for the feature, but GeekWire got a sneak peak at it during a demo at the Game Developers Conference. At first glance, it’s an interesting way for Microsoft to enhance the capabilities of both its home console and computers that have traditionally been left behind by PC gaming system requirements.

6fireTo achieve that, Microsoft uses a proprietary codec to encode the data that optimizes for visual quality across a wide variety of different networks and minimizes latency. And it works remarkably well.

Richard Irving, a Group Program Manager for Xbox One at Microsoft, sat me down in front of a Surface Pro 3 that was streaming Sunset Overdrive from a nearby Xbox One. Using a wired Xbox One controller plugged into the tablet, I was able to smoothly grind, shoot and jump around inside one of the game’s early levels. Surprisingly, the experience was seamless, whether I was watching the Surface Pro 3’s screen, or a television hooked up to the Xbox One’s video output.

It’s worth noting that all of this was done under incredibly controlled circumstances. Microsoft had the chance to set up its own network and hardware, plus select a section of the game that likely doesn’t push the system to its limits. Going forward, it’s entirely possible the system won’t perform nearly as smoothly in more taxing situations and on more congested networks.

That said, high-quality game streaming is achievable – I played graphically rich games on a MacBook using OnLive a few years ago – and Microsoft seems committed to ensuring a smooth experience for customers.

Win10_Xbox_Devices_WebMicrosoft hasn’t locked down the final minimum technical specifications for game streaming, but Irving said that he hoped they would line up with the minimum specifications for Windows 10. That would mean anyone with a device that runs Microsoft’s new operating system would be able to also stream games from their Xbox One.

If Microsoft can pull off reliably streaming games from an Xbox One to a PC, it would be a huge boost to the gaming capabilities of Windows 10. Gamers won’t have to worry about hogging the TV all the time, and the feature could turn cheaper computers into an approximation of a gaming rig without costing several thousand dollars.

The added benefit of that to Microsoft is that the feature could encourage more PC and Windows tablet owners to choose an Xbox One over the PS4 or Wii U, and encourage more Xbox owners to pick up a Windows device.

iPad Mini Case – 1 Faux Leather Classic Book Cover for Apple iPad Mini / 1 Short Stylus / 1 ECO-FUSED Microfiber Cleaning Cloth – A Vintage Look for Your Modern Device (MOBY DICK – Brown)

A Classic Look for Your iPad Mini

This classic book case offers style, security and protection. The outer cover lends your modern device a vintage feel while also disguising it for added security. The interior of the case features rotating plastic casing and a sturdy stand to hold your device and enable you to position it at the most comfortable angle. There are also convenient slots on the inside cover, which allow you to store cards, ID and documents. Also included are one stylus pen, so that you can use your touch screen with increased accuracy, and one microfiber cleaning cloth to keep your device clean and smudge free.


1 x Faux Leather Case
1 x Stylus Pen
1 x microfiber cleaning cloth

Compatible with:

Apple iPad Mini

If for any reason you are unhappy with any product by ECO-FUSED®,please do not hesitate to contact us. We take full ownership and responsibility for the quality of our products and will do our very best to solve your problem quickly and efficiently! ECO-FUSED® -USPTO# 85557072- is a registered trademark protected by US Trademark Law. ECO-FUSED® products are sold by authorized sellers only.

Product Features

  • Specifically designed for iPad Mini – guaranteed perfect fit. (Will not fit other iPad models)
  • Stylish and unique look for your device.
  • Classic book design disguises your device for added security.
  • Includes wallet pockets for ID, cards and cash
  • One year money back guarantee.

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