SquareTrade 1-Year Tablet Protection Plan ($0-$100)

Accident protection guards you against life’s little mishaps, whether you drop your cell phone on the street or splash coffee on your laptop.  Accident protection must also be purchased within 30 days of when you bought your item. Coverage begins on the 31st day after the item’s purchase – issues in the first 30 days are not covered. Upon purchase, you will get an email confirmation.  You will not be mailed a paper contract.  If you have questions, please call: 1.877.WARRANTY.

Product Features

  • 1-year coverage from date of purchase: drops, spills, hardware failures
  • Fixed or receive full replacement cost in 5 days or less – guaranteed
  • Free 2-way shipping for repairs
  • 100% parts and labor covered with no deductibles
  • Fully transferable with gifts. Cancel anytime, full refund in first 30 days.

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2 Replies to “SquareTrade 1-Year Tablet Protection Plan ($0-$100)”

  1. I broke my Asus Tablet…. Purchased this squaretrade warranty about a week after receiving my Asus TF300 (I think that’s the model number). I thought it was pretty cool that you had 30 days from the date of purchasing a tablet to buy this warranty. Initially I didn’t think to order a one along with my Asus. Didn’t have the tablet a good 60 days before I dropped it on the floor like an idiot, and completely shattered the screen. Called squaretrade, filed a claim, and they sent me a postage paid box in the mail to have it…

  2. Do not buy, Horrible service. Would give 0-stars if I could. Bought this for my nexus 7 and had it for 3 months before the screen got cracked. Sent it in for repair which was fine until I received it back. The housing was bowed from the repair and the unit did not fit back together properly but it worked and I was just glad to have it back. Two days of use however and the screen started to crack when i touched it at the areas where the housing did not fit properly back together.Called square trade and they put it back in to be fixed and…

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