Smart Ring, Waterproof App Enabled Ring for iPhone, iOS and All Android Windows NFC Mobile Phones

The Ares range of Smart Rings are beautifully crafted jewelry rings made from 925 sterling silver which also act as a notification hub for your finger, delivering updates when you have new text messages, email, calendar events and incomming calls. The ring also alerts you everytime you leave your smart phone behind, keeping you from loosing it. The Ares also comes with the revolutionary Simple-Tap SOS feature which lets you reach out to your loved ones with just a few simple taps on the Ring. Features like water/dust resistance, dedicated smartphone app and wireless charging make the Ares the best culmination of technology and fashion to this day.

Product Features

  • Smart notification
  • Out of range (Anti-Lost) notification
  • Emergency call
  • Dust & waterproof
  • Wireless charging

3 Replies to “Smart Ring, Waterproof App Enabled Ring for iPhone, iOS and All Android Windows NFC Mobile Phones”

  1. Has potential, but… First off, I wound up returning mine because after two frustrating days of trying, I could never get the ring to successfully pair with my iPhone. I thought it connected once, but as I was selecting my notifications it reverted back to the Searching screen and never progressed again.PROS:• The “Pink” model is actually an attractive pale carnation, not the Barbie Dream Car pink that’s shown in the product listing• I have smallish hands, and this is one of the…

  2. Great Concept. Beautiful Design and Quality. Dumb Ring. Needs Some more intuitive functionality. I really wanted to love this ring. I was so so excited for it. Its best feature is that it is waterproof where the rest in the smart ring world is not and it’s actually a pretty nice design (minus the plain white/pink square they call a “stone”).However, here are some things that I notice right off the bat. The app does not look like it does in the demo video. I was excited to choose from 7ish different colors and my app/ring show only 4 (and plain ole’ white isn’t 1 of…

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