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Skyreat [Upgrade] Aluminum-Alloy 4-12 Inches Folable Tablet Ipad Mount Holder with Metal Nut Ring for Mavic 2 Pro,Mavic 2 Zoom/Mavic Air/Pro / DJI Spark Remote Controller

This UPGRADE SKYREAT mavic air pro ipad holder can hold Most of phone & tablet from 4 inch to 12 inch,Support 45 degrees to up and down,offer a very clean and good view.The height is 7cm from bottom to the clip,Will not too tall to effect view,neither too low to touch hand.
Very easy to install,no need any tools,Foldable design,Iphone size and only about 200g, include a storage bag in the package,it will very convenience to carry outside.
It is made of Aviation Aluminum-Alloy,it’s very stable and not have any sharking when using,With the UPGRADE METAL nut and a lanyard, It will more stable and convenience to use,Very tight to hold the phone & tablet.Of course ,the soft plastic can protect the phone&tablet not be damage.

Product Features

  • More durable.before we have is plastic ring.Now this Update holder with Metal Ring has sloved issue,could secures the whole thing snapped and stay in place stability you need.
  • Aviation Aluminum-Alloy Material Made,CNC technology,High Quality design and Perfect fit with DJI Mavic Air / Mavic Pro / Mavic Pro Platinum / DJI Spark Remote Controller.
  • 120mm-190mm wide support 4-12 inch phone & Tablet ,45 degrees to up and down support a clean view,Tighten & Stable,Will stay in the place you need.
  • Foldable and Iphone sized.Light weight,only about 230g,Convenience to carry outside with other mavic accessories together.
  • Just need 2 step to snap on / off with no tools.Support Tablet Sunshade & Hanging lanyard.

3 Replies to “Skyreat [Upgrade] Aluminum-Alloy 4-12 Inches Folable Tablet Ipad Mount Holder with Metal Nut Ring for Mavic 2 Pro,Mavic 2 Zoom/Mavic Air/Pro / DJI Spark Remote Controller”

  1. Perfectly suited to high end drone pilot expectations I was totally worried this would be just like the other dozen pieces of plastic crap I’ve bought over the years to hold my iphone or ipad.. I am however pleasantly surprised. Holds my iphone 7 and ipad air 2 equally firmly and can be clamped in place once you find your optimal position/viewing angle. Fits high and tight in my mavic air controller with no feeling like it might slip out. It’s mostly metal except the clamping mechanism that holds your device and even that feels strong and well…

  2. this ipad holder for my drone spark is the best out there. i have tried others such as plastic made, aluminum allow with no support behind the legs, and others. this one is the one to keep. very sturdy so far, clip holds ipad very good and screws have not broken so far that hold the legs. this was the main defect from my previous drone holder. once those screws brake and they are stuck in the metal plate is all over. so that small part plays a very important role for the holder to last a while…

  3. While the product feels sturdy enough, fits my phone in a case, and seems like it will work fine, it is not as advertised.When I ordered this, the page indicated that everything in this package was aluminum. The base is aluminum, the nut is aluminum, but the spring loaded piece that holds the phone/tablet is made out of plastic. That piece just so happens to be the part that broke on my previous holder, and why I paid extra for this one. This review may change, but I’m still…

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