SHARKK® 5 in 1 Card Reader Connects Cameras, USB, & Memory Cards To iPad and iPad2 and The New iPad 3rd Generation (ONLY WORKS WITH PICTURE FILES)

Reader usually works right out of box but sometimes you will need more information to get it working. Here is some Important and helpful tips:
Does not work with iPhones, iTouch, stick pro duo, Flash drives, HC SD cards, PNY, Sony Memory Cards
Only designed to recognize JPEG files.
Works with SD Cards (under 24gb), Micro SD Cards and USB Plugs

Make sure the USB drive is formatted as FAT32 – Create a folder in the root of the USB drive called DCIM – Make sure the file names of the pics and videos are exactly 8 alphanumeric characters long plus a supported extension – File names must be letters and numbers ONLY – Make sure all pics end in the .jpg extension (NOT .jpeg) – Make sure the videos are of a supported type: .mp4, .m4v and maybe .mov – Folders inside the DCIM folder can be used if they are 8 alphanumeric characters long – The USB drive must use 20mA or LESS power or it will not work. – You can get USB drives that use more than 20mA of power to work by using a wall powered USB hub

The filenames MUST start with at least DSC and be only eight characters total without any spaces. Using all caps or all lower case for “dsc” or “.jpg” did not matter. The other 5 characters after the DSC did not matter, but you could not use a space. Example: DSCNNuge.JPG; dscnNuge.jpg; dscnnuge.JPG; DSC0nuge.jpg would all work.

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Product Features

  • Reader does not support USB sticks and SD cards that need to draw power from iPad to run, such as Kingston ones with LED lights and other high end memory devices.
  • When you plug your memory device into the reader you will get a error message saying “Accessory not supported” This is standard. Just click “ok” and ignore it.
  • Create DCIM folder and place ll pictures in that file before trying to transfer.
  • Newest version does not have small black switch because Newest version has automatic recognition.

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  1. Awesome reader I bought the reader as i needed a way to download my camera pics while traveling. I contemplated to buy the Apple card reader but was limited to SD cards alone. I found the Sharkk 5 in 1 and ordered, first of all I thought hell the price cannot be beaten and even if it is a dud, better that a $30 dud, but it is working great! I have a Sony digital camera that uses a Memory Stick Duo Pro card and then also a Nikon D70 that will be using the USB. tested both and both worked like a charm. I…

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