Samsung Galaxy Tab for Seniors (Computer Books for Seniors series)

This book is suitable for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, 3, Note and Note 2014 Edition. Written specifically for senior citizens who want to use one of Samsung’s popular tablet computers, this book follows an easy, step-by-step approach, has been tested by seniors, and is based on practical experience. It teaches novice users how to connect to Wi-Fi and mobile data networks; email; surf the internet; take notes; plan routes; manage a calendar; take and share pictures; work with videos and music; and browse for and use a wide variety of apps, including games, puzzles, newspapers, magazines, fitness, and photo-editing apps. Suitable for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, 3, Note and Note 2014 Edition, this complete course book catered toward the senior market contains more than 800 screenshots, detailed instructions, large print, an extensive index, and a support website.

Product Features

  • Used Book in Good Condition

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  1. New User — Frustration When starting at the beginning of the book, nothing matched the screens I was seeing on my new Tab2,7 inch tablet. Also, the screen kept going off after about 10-15 seconds & I could never have enough time to see what I was reading. It was totally frustrating. Unfortunately, the information to lock the screen for a longer time was not easy to find and I gave up on trying to use the book as a guide for a new user.My husband, who has a Kindle Fire, finally gave up also on the book…

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