Pyle PMKSPAD2 Universal Tablet PC/Android/Kindle/iPad Floor Stand for Music/Instrument Notes Reading

The PMKSPAD2 is an innovative new stand with a flexible gooseneck mount. It fits virtually any tablet from 8 to 10 inches in size. Just secure your tablet to the device and start using your favorite apps. It’s great for reading in bed, listening to music, browsing the internet, watching video – you name it. The metal hose rotates a full 360 degrees for viewing at any angle. There’s also a USB port to charge your device (requires your device’s USB charger). A high-brightness LED lamp lets you always find your way in the dark.

Product Features

  • Fits Any Tablet From 8.0 To 10.1 Inches In Size – 300° Rotatable Tablet Gripper
  • Use With Reading Apps, Music Apps, Internet Browsing, Watching Video – High Brightness LED Lamp With Dimmer
  • Height Adjustability: 3.6 – Also Holds Your iPhone/Android Phone
  • 4.9 Feet – USB Port To Charge Your Phone with Your USB Charger
  • 360° Rotatable Flexible Metal Hose – DC 5 Volt

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3 Responses to Pyle PMKSPAD2 Universal Tablet PC/Android/Kindle/iPad Floor Stand for Music/Instrument Notes Reading

  1. MGIxian says:

    Good stand with a couple minor assembly flaws This makes a pretty decent bedside stand for a tablet. The tripod legs hold it steady – it doesn’t seem ready to fall over at any time like I’ve read about some other stands. My iPad 3 is held securely in place by the mount. The included USB cable is very convienent, although a little short on the bottom – you might need a standard USB extension cord to go with it, unless you are within about 2 feet of a plug. The flexible arm is a little stiff, but I was able to get it in to the position I…

  2. Ali Julia says:

    Tested with iPad Mini(8″), Galaxy Tab (7.7″) and Pyle tablet (9″) This stand can be used either as goose neck LED light or a tablet holder. The stand is fairly heavy and feels well made (with some minor complaints listed below).I tested the tablet holder with our three tablets: iPad Mini (8″ x 5.4″), Galaxy 7.7 Tablet (7.7″ by 5.5″), and Pyle Tablet (9.75″ x 5.75″). They all fit securely (see video).The light has 14 LED lights. One side of the light has the switch on/off, the other side of the light has the…

  3. susan b. barber says:

    Floor stand 0

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