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BLACK Scoop Series Tablet Carrying Bag Sleeve with Shoulder Strap for Apple iPad Air Tablet

This convenient and practical bag can be carried as a cross body bag by using the removable strap or as a protective sleeve to put away at when you are done playing games, chatting or browsing the web. Can be carried inside your laptop bag, briefcase, luggage or backpack. Made of fine washable and semi waterproof neoprene. This sleek looking bag closes with two-way top zippers for easy access. Front nylon double-pockets on the outside will allow you to carry extra accessories including but not limited to your mobile phone; top neoprene lip. Backside features one more neoprene pocket for small documents. Super light and comfortable to carry when traveling. All orders for this tablet bag are shipped with one EnvyDeal Velcro Cable Tie, a neat way to secure your guitar, mic and power cords. This fabric strip features velcro style closure to hold your coiled cables in place.

Product Features

  • Adjustable / detachable shoulder strap
  • Made of washable neoprene
  • Two-way top zipper closure for easy access
  • Soft durable interior for bump and shock absorption
  • Aproximate dimensions

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FlapThulhu: Flappy Madness Review » 148Apps » iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch App Reviews and …

There are oh so many Flappy Bird clones now that the game has been pulled from the App Store. Seriously, between those looking to make a quick buck and those paying homage through Flappy Jam and the like, there’s so many ways to flap, it’s insane.

Well, not insane enough yet, now that Madgarden has combined flapping with the master of insanity, the Deep One, the eldritch abomination to end all eldritch abominations, Cthulhu. This is FlapThulhu, and it’s the last flappy game anyone will ever need.

The goal is ostensibly the same as every other flappy game: control a flappy character, in this case the flappy-winged head of Cthulhu, and try to fly him through dangerous level layouts, where high scores are usually not that high. Where FlapThulhu differs is in its slow pace. Not slow and chilled out like Chillaxian. No, this is slow and foreboding like early Black Sabbath. Cthulhu flaps slowly forward, and barely fits through the clear passes, that one mis-timed flap is the end. It might be frustrating at first, but FlapThulhu demands and rewards thoughtful precision, and those who develop a rhythm among its slow pace.

Flapthulhu 2Flapthulhu 1What makes FlapThulhu stand out among the sea of flappy clones is in its production values: sparse but effective. The backgrounds set the mood with pulsing, slowly-shifting colors, and generated visual effects with occasional lightning. The music – a simple generated tone – adds a feeling of foreboding, and adds to the nervousness of a long run. Tentacles and eyeballs pop out among the landscape to weird players out. And of course there’s the FlapThulhu sprite, just flapping along with eyes that glow as time goes on. They’re all minor things – Flappy Bird sure didn’t charm anyone based on its production values – but they add a lot of charm to the experience.

Now, as an expert at Flapthulhu, I do have one concern that the game seems a lot easier on the iPad than the iPhone. The shorter clearance to get through means that pixel-precision on when to flap becomes necessary, and it’s easier with an iPad in one’s face than a phone. Also, the wings feel like they have a bit of a fudging area with the collision detection where the delineation between what is safe and what isn’t is not 100% clear. And there’s no ability to tweet out high scores, which I would love.

FlapThulhu may just be a take on the flappy genre, but it is by far the best one I’ve played yet. It gets that core gameplay right with a slightly-modified challenge, and everything that surrounds the game gives it a wonderful personality. Download this flappy game or be cast into madness!

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ATC (Blue) 360 Degrees Slim Rotating Stand Leather Case Cover for Apple iPad mini 7.9 inch Tablet With Auto Wake / Sleep Feature

Product Features:
1. Secure elastic band closure
2. Smart cover seamlessly wake up and put your iPad mini sleep
3. Allows access to all buttons and ports for charging and syncing
4. Rotates 360 degrees in the case for flexible landscape and portrait viewing
5. Lightweight design perfectly fits your iPad mini, does not make your iPad mini look bulky
6. You will find it much easier to wipe the dust off this case than you have experienced from other cases
7. Hard-shell design off a molded exterior to protect fragile glass displays that are prone to damage when bent

Apple 7.9″ iPad Mini

Package included
1 x PU Leather Hard case Cover for new iPad mini
1 x Long Stylus

Product Features

  • Supports auto Wake up/Sleep feature on iPad mini
  • Rotates 360 degrees in the case for flexible landscape and portrait viewing
  • Material: Polyurethane (PU) Leather + Hard Shell + Soft Cloth Interior Lining
  • The vivid color will definitely please you, unlike those dim looking ones
  • Allows access to all buttons and ports for charging and syncing

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Guess How Many Microsoft Office Documents Were Made Last Year

IntelBusiness Insider’s coverage of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is sponsored by Intel. Read more »

500 billion!

That’s how many Office documents were made last year, according to Chris Flores, director of communication for Microsoft’s Windows group.

He dropped this nugget in a conversation about the future of Windows. 

I’m at MWC, the big mobile industry event in Barcelona. I spent an hour with Flores talking about Windows. 

If you’ve been paying attention, you know it hasn’t been the best of times for Windows. 

Since 2011, the Windows business has gone sideways. Part of the reason the Windows business has stalled is the rise of the iPad, and other tablet computers, which offer a good-enough computing experience at a low price, making it so you don’t need a brand new PC.

Flores attributed the lack of growth to a lackluster economy, and computers that last longer. 

Microsoft tried to reinvigorate Windows with Windows 8, a design that attempts to be all things to all people. It has a tablet interface and a traditional desktop interface. 

Windows 8 has been controversial, or as Flores put it: “People are passionate about Windows.” Many people don’t like the radical redesign with a heavy emphasis on the tiles. It’s a jarring change from what they’ve know for the past 20 years. 

Despite the “passion” from consumers, Flores is convinced that Microsoft is on the right path with Windows 8.

His view of why Microsoft’s on the right path with Windows 8: When you see people with iPads at conferences like MWC, many are bolting on keyboards, trying to make them more useful. In Microsoft’s eyes, this means people are dying to do more work on their tablets, but iOS is so limited that they can’t really do work.

Windows 8 offers users the best of both worlds. It offers a full PC work environment and a tablet like interface. You can bolt on a keyboard, and use a mouse with it, just like a normal computer. Or, you can do lightweight computing like on an iPad. 

Microsoft’s argument boils down to this: Would you rather have two devices or one device? Would you rather carry an iPad and a MacBook, or just a Surface, or Windows 8 hybrid? As Flores put it to me: Wouldn’t you like to be able to detach your MacBook screen when you walk away? And plug it back in when you’re at your desk?

The problem with this story? While it sounds lovely, and makes sense on paper — one device instead of two? Sure! — it’s not working in the real world. People are still choosing iPads, iPhones, and then, maybe a PC. (Consumer PC sales are dropping by double digits.)

Flores believes Microsoft just needs to do a better job of telling people that they can have one device, a tablet, that can do everything. Once people realize that a Windows device can do both standard computing tasks like Office, and tablet computing tasks, Flores believes they’ll love it. 

When I asked Flores what can you do on a Windows tablet that you can’t do on an iPad, he quickly rattled off the Office suite — Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. This is pretty much true. Microsoft hasn’t made a full suite of Office apps for the iPad. 

So I asked him if maybe Office wasn’t that big of a deal. Since Microsoft has sat out the rise of Android and iOS, hundreds of millions of users are doing just fine without Office on their phones and tablets. Personally, I use Evernote for everything instead of Word.

That’s when Flores told me that last year there were 500 billion office documents created last year. His point is that Office is still a big, loved suite of applications. 

Which is true! But, Office is coming to the iPad this year. And at that point, Microsoft won’t be able to make the case that the iPad is no good for working. At that point, it will have to come up with a new story about why you should pick Windows over iOS.

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TASCAM iXZ Mic / Instrument input for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Audio interface adaptor for ipad, iphone, ipod

Product Features

  • Mic & Guitar Interface for iPad, iPhone and iPod
  • XLR mic input with mic pre and phantom power
  • Guitar input with FET

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WWE body-slams its way onto the Apple TV — will you be watching?

WWE body-slams its way onto the Apple TV — will you be watching?

WWE body-slams its way onto the Apple TV — will you be watching?

The WWE Network has officially launched, and is available on the Apple TV. The network was originally announced at CES, and will bring you all 12 of the WWE’s pay-per-view events, including WrestleMania, live. The network also promises original series, reality shows, and documentaries, as well as on-demand content.

To view the channel’s content, you need a subscription, which runs $59.99 every six months. You can subscribe either through the WWE’s website or through the Apple TV itself.

Will you be tuning in? Let us know below in the comments.

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