Tech Armor Apple iPad Air 2 / iPad Air (first generation) Premium Ballistic Glass Screen Protector – 99.99% Clarity and Touchscreen Accuracy


DID YOU KNOW – A screen full of scratches will lower your resale value!

PRESERVE YOUR INVESTMENT AND MAXIMIZE RESALE VALUE – The Tech Armor HD Clear screen protector pays for itself as your first line of line of defense against scratches that reduce the resale value of your iPad Air!

No detail has been overlooked with this “Best-In-Class” product from Tech Armor – industry leader in screen protection.

If you only accept the BEST for your iPad Air, look no further:

BEST Protection from Scratches

BEST Way to Maximize Resale Value

BEST Bubble Free Installation

BEST Touchscreen Accuracy

BEST Hassle-Free Lifetime Warranty

You may be able to pay for an entire upgrade fee and get a new phone just by keeping your screen in its original, flawless condition with a Tech Armor HD Clear screen protector.

HD Clear will compliment the visuals of your Apple Retina display and TruTouch technology provides 99.99% touch accuracy.

Apple iPad Air 2 / iPad Air (first generation) , All Carriers, All Models

The TECH ARMOR HD Clear Screen Protector Kit Includes:

– One (1) Screen Protectors

– Installation Instructions

– Smoothing Card

– Microfiber Cloth

– Dust Removal Tape

– Retail Packaging

– Tech Armor Lifetime Replacement Warranty

Product Features

  • Compatibility: iPad Air 2 (newest model) / iPad Air (first generation)”
  • Amazing look and feel! The way your stunning Apple iPad Air 2 / iPad Air (first generation) HD display was intended, but with maximum protection! From scratches to high impact drops, you are completely covered with Tech Armor Ballistic Glass.
  • Precise laser cut tempered glass made with polished, rounded edges.
  • 99.99% HD Clarity and Touchscreen Accuracy.
  • Bubble-free, easy install, and perfect fit- Guaranteed by the Tech Armor No-Hassle Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

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App Millionaire: Start Your Own Business Make Money selling iPhone and iPad apps and gain freedom

n App Millionaire, you’ll learn the secrets successful “appreneurs” use to create and run app businesses that make real profits. Take away the mystery and fear by following this step-by-step guide on your way to creating your own part-time, flexible at-home business. Based on real life experience, author David McMahon started his own app business after getting laid off from his job, making six-figure profits and a million downloads in its first year of operation. In this book you’ll learn: * Steps you need to take before creating any app business * How to find and hire talent * How to do market research to choose winning app ideas * Strategies to diversify your app business to make a sustainable business that weathers the ups and downs of the marketplace * Marketing your apps without spending a dime * How to fast track your app business * 7 Must have items to have with your app business * Notes on submitting apps and avoiding app rejection * Guidance for your overall app business strategy, based on hard won experience * How to leverage the Mac App Store to generate real income * The secrets of “App Flipping” * Where to find ready to use source codes * How to sell your app business when the time is right Are you ready to learn? Get this book and get started creating your own app business today.

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Angry Birds Stella POP! tips, hints, and cheats you need to know!

Angry Birds Stella POP! is a new match three game by Rovio that brings along your favorite Angry Birds characters. You’ll have to pop bubbles to get to the evil pigs and free different forest creatures. If you’ve ever played games like Bubble Witch Saga, you already know what you’re doing!

If you’re just getting started, these are our top tips, hints, and cheats to mastering Angry Birds Stella POP!

1. Aim high, like really high

Angry Birds Stella POP! tips, hints, and cheats you need to know!

Larger combos give you lots more points, so look for moves as high up as you can see on the screen. You should always favor higher up moves over ones that are lower to the bottom of the screen.

2. Swap out bubbles for better moves

Angry Birds Stella POP! tips, hints, and cheats you need to know!

Tapping on the bubble in the sling lets you swap the color for whatever is coming up next. This costs you nothing and doesn’t hurt your score. You can do it as often as you’d like so take advantage. It’s easy to forget and just focus on the bubble that you’re given, but training yourself to remember is worthwhile.

3. Try to end levels with lots of bubbles

Angry Birds Stella POP! tips, hints, and cheats you need to know!

End each level with as many unused bubbles in your slingshot pack as possible. You’ll get bonus points for them and it can easily rack up your star rating.

4. It’s all about the angles

Angry Birds Stella POP! tips, hints, and cheats you need to know!

Just like other bubble popping games such as Bubble Witch Saga, you’ll have to get good at calculating angles. Bouncing bubbles off the wall can get you combos that you couldn’t reach otherwise.

5. Wait for combos when you can

Angry Birds Stella POP! tips, hints, and cheats you need to know!

Sometimes it’s tempting to take a combo that’s right in front of you, but remember to watch for even bigger combo potential. For example, if you can create a combo in a move or two that will separate a huge chunk of the game board, be patient and work towards that instead.

6. Focus on bubbles, not smashing materials

Angry Birds Stella POP! tips, hints, and cheats you need to know!

Wood and other kinds of materials take a few bubble hits in order to break through them. Don’t become fixated on these things. Instead focus on make combos that disconnect sections of the board that contain those materials. You’ll save more bubbles in the long run, in turn increasing your score.

7. Don’t count on what you can’t see

Angry Birds Stella POP! tips, hints, and cheats you need to know!

Trying to match bubbles that are half off the screen is never a good idea. It’s a crapshoot and you don’t know what else it’s connected to. You’re better off focusing on what’s in your immediate viewing area.

8. Use rainbow bubbles to obtain streaks

Angry Birds Stella POP! tips, hints, and cheats you need to know!

Rainbow bubbles will connect with any color bubble to create a combo. Save them for when you are close to a Stella streak — which requires 6 combos in a row. You can also use rainbow bubbles to finish off a level if you only need one more bubble to create a combo.

9. How to get endless free lives in Stella POP

Angry Birds Stella POP! tips, hints, and cheats you need to know!

Just like countless other games, Stella POP allows you to turn time ahead in your Settings app. When you run out of lives, just turn time ahead about 2.5 hours and you’ll have 5 lives again.

Just remember to change it back when you’re done so iMessages don’t freak out on you.

10. Your tips, hints, and cheats for Angry Birds Stella POP!

Angry Birds Stella POP! tips, hints, and cheats you need to know!

If you’re working your way through Stella POP, be sure to let us know in the comments if you’ve come across any useful tips or tricks!

ZAGG Folio Case with Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard for Apple iPad Mini-Black

At only 6.9mm thin, the new ZAGGkeys Folio for iPad mini is the thinnest and most diverse Bluetooth keyboard/case combo available. It features a unique hinge that lets you position your screen at virtually any viewing angle, backlit keys, and full body protection to help keep your iPad mini free from scratches and dings. A powerful battery keeps it going for up to three months of regular use between charges (approx. two hours per day; backlighting function will impact battery life).

Product Features

  • Thin – At only 6.9mm, this folio is the lightest and thinnest keyboard available
  • Multiple Viewing Angles – Unique hinge allows 130 degrees of multiple viewing angles
  • Backlit Keys – Backlit keys make typing in low light areas, easy on the eyes
  • Protective – Leather textured, durable casing, protects iPad and keyboard from harm
  • Cleverly placed magnets activate your iPad’s sleep/wake function to preserve battery life
  • Island-style keys maximize space for faster, more natural typing
  • Dedicated special function keys provide convenience and speed
  • Authentic ZAGG products and warrantees on ZAGG products are only available from ZAGG Authorized resellers

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iPad Air 2 (iPad 6) Case Cover, FYY® Premium Leather Case Smart Cover with Card Slots, Pocket, Elastic Hand Strap and Stylus Holder for Apple iPad Air 2 (iPad 6) Purple (With Auto Wake/Sleep Feature)

About us:

We are Manufacturer, not Retailer! That is why we offer you the highest quality product with reasonable price! Our factory was founded in 1998 and after decades of dedication and innovation, a mature Selection-Production-Examination-Sale-Post Service chain was shaped. As a worldwide factory, we concentrate more on quality of each product. Being Environmental-Friendly is a vital principle we stress all the time.


In order to keep up with all other sellers and benefit our customers as much as possible, we managed to apply for brand protection in the Europe ( Fyy) and Japan ( FYY), North America (FYY).

International IPR:

Going global is the main trend for all nations in the world. As a company, we adapt us to the main stream for a long term development. With the brand protected internationally and Intellectual Property Right of our own, our products will find its way that leads to you.


For each product we make and put on sale, high quality is well ensured for your basic buyer’s interest.

For all our regular and potential clients, first class post-sale service of punctuality, efficiency and responsibility is provided for your perfect user’s experience.

For YOUR Convenience:

We manufacture and sell cases for tables and cell phones of a wide range of brands. Please search “fyy + your tablet/mobile+ color” to take the fastest path to the product you want and have a clear view of other cases we offer in store.


We adhere adequate pictures for each product. It is noted that all pictures we shot are taken under the most natural condition we can ever create to show you how the products actually look like. Please understand that even so, the color difference may still exist at the different image resolution of our computers and mobiles.

Product Features

  • Perfect hand-made sewing craft. Made with premium PU leather exterior and anti-skid interior, providing a firm grip and guaranteed durability. The product is endowed with fine texture and comfortable tactile impression.
  • Interior card slots are designed for you to put your business cards/ bank cards/ SD digital card/ SM card. Memo slot provides to take some notes or bucks while on the go. Hand strap makes it possible for you to hold the tablet with one hand. Elastic strap secures your precious tablet even better.
  • Built-in magnetic strip provides auto sleep / wake feature. Automatically wakes or puts your device to sleep when the lid is opened and closed. The magnetic clip boasts durable magnetic force, snaps on easily when closed.
  • High quality, fashion design, slim fitting, lightweight case with a stylus holder (stylus not included).
  • Specifically made for Apple iPad Air 2 (iPad 6). Easy access to all ports and controls. Available in a variety of bright and fun colors. This product is sold exclusively by FYY. Only buy from FYY to get genuine FYY (TM) products with manufacturer warranty and world-class customer service.Please take a close look at the size and color you want of the product before making the purchase. Want to know more about our products on sale? Just type ” fyy + your tablet/mobile+ color”.

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iPad 2/3/4 – Drop Tech – Ruggedized Case – Army Green

If you’re looking for the most rugged, durable yet ultimately affordable iPad 3 protection, you found it in the Drop Tech Series iPad 3 Case. Shock absorption, drop protection, extreme ruggedness and hard-core readiness for all adventures, the Drop Tech Series iPad 3 Case specifically conforms to the shape of the iPad 3 and offers multiple layers of protection. This iPad 3 case features a uniquely replaceable, snap-on integrated screen for maximum protection.

Render your Apple Device virtually indestructible with Gumdrop Cases Drop Tech Military Edition Case. Inspired by the military, this ultra-rugged case conforms to the shape of your Apple Device for ultimate security during any adventure. Constructed from silicone and polycarbonate, this heavy-duty case offers maximum shock absorption and drop protection for your tablet. Screen and dust covers help prevent scratching and damage, while reinforced rubber corners secure your Apple Device’s edges.

callout top with logo

Drop Tech Military Edition Case for Apple Device,
Army Green
At a Glance:
  • Rugged cover provides complete security for Apple Device
  • Constructed from silicone and tough polycarbonate for drop protection
  • Easy-grip surface texture
  • Port covers and microfilm dust filters protect ports and speakers
  • Replaceable snap-on screen cover is easy to clean

Gumdrop Drop Tech Series Military Edition Case for Apple Device, Product shot

Silicone covers fully protect your Apple Device’s ports when not in use. View larger.

Gumdrop Drop Tech Military Edition Case for Apple Device, Army Green Product Shot

Tough case offers maximum shock absorption and drop protection for your tablet. View larger.

Gumdrop Drop Tech Military Edition Case for Apple Device, Army Green Product Shot

Reinforced rubber corners secure your Apple Device’s edges. View larger.

Durable Construction

The Drop Tech Series Military Edition Case is rugged enough to handle the most demanding environments. Its silicone skin absorbs bumps and shocks, while its tough polycarbonate shell offers maximum drop protection.

The case’s unique grooved ridges allow for comfortable, slip-proof handling of your Apple Device–even after hours of use. For added protection, reinforced rubber corners safeguard your Apple Device’s edges.

Screen and Port Covers Keep Tablet Protected

The Drop Tech Military Edition Case for Apple Device features a tough, snap-on Mylar-film screen shield that protects your screen from scratches much better than peel-and-stick screen protectors without reducing visibility or interfering with the tablet’s responsiveness.

Additionally, silicone port covers and microfilm dust filters help protect the tablet’s ports and speakers.

Removable, Easy-to-Clean Screen Protector

The case’s screen protector is removable and easily wipes clean to eliminate the accumulation of dust, fingerprints, or grime. Plus, it’s splash-proof to protect against minor spills.

About Gumdrop Cases

Founded in 2010, Gumdrop Cases specializes in durable, stylish cases for Apple Devices, Macbooks and Tablets. Constructed from heavy-duty, resilient materials, Gumdrop Cases provides users with the ultimate protection for their devices.

What’s in the Box

Gumdrop Drop Tech Series Military Edition Case for Apple Device.

Gumdrop Logo

Drop Tech and Hard Candy Cases
Gumdrop Cases Drop Tech Series Case for Apple Device, BlackDrop Tech
Apple Device
Gumdrop Cases Drop Tech Series Case for Kindle Fire, BlueDrop Tech
Kindle Fire
Gumdrop Cases Drop Tech Series Military Edition Case for Apple Device Military Edition, Army GreenDrop Tech
Military Apple Device
Gumdrop Cases Drop Tech Series Case for Apple DeviceDrop Tech
Apple Device
Hard Candy Cases for New Apple Device Bubble Case 360Hard Candy
Bubble 360 Apple Device
Hard Candy Cases Bubble Case for Kindle FireHard Candy
Kindle Fire Bubble

Product Features

  • Complete security for the iPad 3, including screen and port covers
  • Dual material construction for multiple layers of shock absorption
  • Reinforced rubber bumpers on the corners
  • Includes replaceable integrated screen cover for protection during use

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