NeoSkin iPad Zip Sleeve, Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake (fits iPad 2 and new iPad) (Neoprene iPad Cover, iPad Case)

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Also fits the new iPad!

Finally! Affordable, stylish protection for your tablet. Offering appealing designs and practical features, NeoSkin Neoprene Covers are the perfect choice for your device. Here’s why:

NeoSkins offer terrific value.

  • Most e-reader/tablet covers cost $30, $40, or more, yet higher prices rarely equate with added functionality.
  • NeoSkin covers offer security and style for a fraction of the price.

Read comfortably and securely.

  • NeoSkin opens like a book.
  • Front cover folds back for easier reading.
  • Four-point mounting system holds device securely while you read. (For maximum protection, insert your device in the elastic tabs with screen facing reinforced front cover.)

Do you carry your e-reader in your briefcase, backpack, or tote? Your NeoSkin cover will help protect it from spills and damage.

  • Neoprene case absorbs shock while our reinforced shield helps protect your screen!
  • Moisture-repellent material resists spills, rain, and snow.
  • Four interior elastic tabs help keep your device secure in cover.
  • Soft fleece lining won’t scratch your screen or device.
  • Perfect for travel and the daily commute. Keep your e-reader safe and secure every day!

Cool designs you’ll love.

  • No more boring e-reader covers!
  • Express your personality with one of our popular patterns.
  • Our distinctive designs make it easier to spot your device in your bag or backpack.


  • Moisture-repellent Neoprene is your first line of defense against rain, snow, or spills!

Dual easy-grip zippers.

  • Each cover comes with two oversized easy-grip zipper pulls, giving you fast access to your reader. Easy in, easy out.
  • Dual zippers allow you to charge your device or listen to music while it remains secure in your cover.


  • Leave your e-reader in its case while going through TSA or other security check-ins.


  • You’ve got enough to carry. We kept our covers super light to lessen your load.

NeoSkins are washable!

  • Your cover will stay looking fresh. Just wash it in cold water on the gentle cycle and air dry.

Interior dimensions: 7-1/2” wide x 9-3/4” high

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3 Replies to “NeoSkin iPad Zip Sleeve, Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake (fits iPad 2 and new iPad) (Neoprene iPad Cover, iPad Case)”

  1. love it I’ve been looking for a padded cover since I got my iPad 2. This one is perfect. I makes me feel safe. I’ve dropped my iPad more than once. I am not fond of cupcakes but can handle the saying because of the safety. I have a One Piece Polyurethane Smart cover that I keep on my iPad at all times. The new cover fits nicely on the iPad with its polyurethane cover. If I want to use the camera, the iPad comes out very easily. No need to remove it if I am using Face Time. I just love it. It meets all…

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