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Mirroring360 – AirPlay Receiver

Product Features

  • Mirror iOS screen to Android phones, tablets, and FireTV via AirPlay
  • Share media on iOS to Android
  • Showcase apps/games on iOS on Android

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3 Replies to “Mirroring360 – AirPlay Receiver”

  1. App with potential to allow iOS device mirroring on Fire TV and Fire TV Stick I picked up this as part of today’s multi app free promotion as I’m a Apple AND Amazon kind of girl:This is an app you add to your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick (or, I guess, you could have it on a Fire tablet–it’s compatible with my Fire HDX) which then, with the addition of a free app on your iPad/iPhone, allows you to mirror the iOS device to your Fire device.I have a Fire TV Stick. I installed the above app on my Stick and then downloaded the iOS Mirror assistant to my…

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