Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover Black for iPad 2 and iPad (3rd/4th generation)

Built-in Bluetooth wireless keyboard: Type with precision and get up to six months of battery power on a full charge (based on average use of 2 hours per day)

Product Features

  • Clip-and-go design: Magnetic clip instantly attaches the keyboard cover securely to your iPad 2 and iPad (3rd Generation)
  • Versatile iPad stand: Holds your iPad 3 at the optimum viewing angle in either portrait or landscape position
  • Instant on/off: Automatically wakes and sleeps your iPad when you open and close the cover
  • Color Black

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3 Replies to “Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover Black for iPad 2 and iPad (3rd/4th generation)”

  1. best of the lot Basically any keyboard for the iPad turns an elegant tablet into a more or less clunky laptop. But if you are over 40, touch type and use the iPad for taking notes, producing documents or sending more than texty emails, chances are that a keyboard is an essential accessory. I used the regular Apple bluetooth keyboard for years – nice device, types well, but its separateness defeats the purpose. Recently I’ve purchased the ClamCase, the ZaggFolio, and the Logitech Ultrathin desperately…

  2. Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover – A Real Pleasure This is the 3rd keyboard I have bought for my iPad. The first one was a Kensington. The Kensington works well and has a nice feel. It’s only problem is that it is a “Portfolio Type” and is too bulky for my tastes. The second was a Boxwave at a moderate price. What a nightmare! Dont buy it. Keep saving until you can afford this one. I thought at first $100 was a bit steep for a keyboard, but then I bought the best iPad 3 that is available, why not keep trying til I get the keyboard I want. This…

  3. Will change how you use the iPad Having seen this keyboard/case a few weeks ago online I’d been waiting for it to finally be released. I was fortunate that the Best Buy local to my current client had one in stock this evening.First off I will say this kayboard will change how I use the iPad. I’ve been considering getting a Macbook Air for use while chatting with friends and doing e-mail and documents. This keyboard has eliminated that need for me and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the product…

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