Logitech iPad Slim Folio: Case with Wireless Keyboard with Bluetooth (Black) – iPad 5th generation

From iPad to a laptop in just one click Slim Folio takes mobile computing to a new level. Now you can enjoy laptop-like typing anywhere you take your iPad. Its slim, light design makes it a joy to use and carry around, all the while keeping your iPad safe from bumps, scratches and spills. No matter where you need to get your work done – a café table, a desk or even your lap – Slim Folio locks your iPad at an optimal angle for typing and holds firm on any surface.

Product Features

  • Comfortable, fast typing thanks to a laptop-like keyboard with familiar layout and well-spaced keys
  • 4 years battery life with replaceable coin cell batteries
  • Dedicated row of iOS shortcut keys for one-tap to Home, Siri, Screen brightness, Search, Media controls, Volume controls and more
  • Advanced Bluetooth LE for reliable connection to iPad and longer battery life
  • Protective iPad case helps safeguard both sides of iPad from bumps, scratches and spills

3 Replies to “Logitech iPad Slim Folio: Case with Wireless Keyboard with Bluetooth (Black) – iPad 5th generation”

  1. Could not imagine using anything else. The perfect iPad keyboard I usually do not write reviews for items I did not purchase on amazon however I got mine at another retailer before amazon got their stock in and noticed the several bad reviews bringing the overall star rating down and wanted to chime in.This is the BEST keyboard I have ever used for the iPad. The magnet holds it in place very well, the keys are spaced perfectly, and the key travel is excellent for a portable keyboard. To set it up all you have to do is pull the tab on the…

  2. Best keyboard for 2017 9.7″ iPad After a backlit aluminum alloy keyboard, 2 folio keyboards, this logitech is the best keyboard by far. The previous folio has come really close but this logitech has brought it home. The bigger keys make my typing comfortable and accurate. 5 rows of keys mean you can forget about hitting the Fn key. My favorites are the big backspace and right shift key. These make the world of difference. Logitech knows what they are doing. This was 3 times more costly (no discount) than those of other…

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