L5 Universal Remote Control for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (works with most media center brands of TVs, DVD Players, DirectTV, Xbox 360, Apple TV and more)

The L5 remote is an accessory and app that turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a universal remote control. You can use it to control your TV, cable, DVD, DVR, and most home entertainment and home automation devices.

With the L5 Remote, you have the power of a whole coffee table full of remotes with the elegance and simplicity of your iPhone or iPod touch. Out with the clutter and confusion, and in with everything you love about your iPhone or iPod touch: the sharp, brilliant display, the Multi-Touch interface, the versatility and portability. The L5 remote is a tiny accessory and app that gives you all the power and none of the complexity. It works without WiFi, external power, or batteries. Take it anywhere you want. Use it to control your TV, cable box, DVD, DVR, and most devices that come with an IR remote. Plug in the accessory and tap a button to download the free app. Quickly and easily design your first custom remote by dragging and dropping any buttons you want, then assign’ a signal to each by pressing the corresponding button on your old remote while pointing it at your new L5 Remote. The L5 Remote intelligently analyzes the signal and stores it in your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can program all your remotes in just minutes.
Want to check it out first? Download the free app from iTunes and design your dream remote. Discover how easy it is. If you like what you’ve designed, buy the accessory to bring your design to life. Once you’re using your L5 Remote, you can stash the old remotes, and enjoy the convenience and simplicity of using your iPhone to control all your entertainment and home automation devices.
The L5 remote is very easy to set up. First you design’ the remote you want by dragging and dropping the buttons, sizing them, and naming them. Then you assign’ the buttons by touching the button you want to program, and then pressing the corresponding button on your old remote while p

Product Features

  • Does not require batteries nor Wi-Fi or external power to work
  • Drag and drop to design the remote you want, and learning function from current remotes
  • Intuitive app and add-on remte for iOS devices–apowerful alternative for replacing multiple remote control devices
  • Keep the buttons you use, delete the ones you don’t
  • Works with all models of iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad–connects via universal dock connector
  • L5 Remote will work fine with an authentic Apple Lightning to 30-pin adapter

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2 Replies to “L5 Universal Remote Control for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (works with most media center brands of TVs, DVD Players, DirectTV, Xbox 360, Apple TV and more)”

  1. Other Seldom-Mentioned Features I’ve had this product for about three months now, used with an iPhone 4, and I agree with the other positive comments about the product and software. It’s easy to use and works very well.The only issue I had when I received it was that the opening of my iPhone’s plastic protective case was a little too small to accommodate the thickness of the dongle. I used a router (a knife or razor blade would work too) to shave-off a millimeter of the case to allow the dongle to fit…

  2. Not for everyone Summary: Powerful, massively-multi-functional, remote control attachment for your iDevice (iTouch, iPhone, iPad). It controls all your devices either from pre-designed virtual remotes or from virtual remotes you created. It does not suck up your iDevice’s battery life. But it can be quite difficult to design your own remotes. Note: L5 has an online library of many remotes that are very easy to download. You simply enter a search for the model of your real remote, download, and begin using…

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