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Kano Computer Kit Touch – Make your own tablet

Learn to code on a touchscreen computer you build yourself. 100+ step-by-step creative challenges and stories show you how. Make art, music, and games. Create with exclusive voice, and sound projects. Don’t just play Minecraft, hack it to do something new.

Product Features

  • All in one box. Step-by-step book, 10.1′” Hd Screen, Raspberry Pi 3, battery, DIY speaker, wireless Keyboard, case and stand, memory, 3 USB ports, HDMI and power cables, sound sensor, stickers, Kano unique operating system.
  • Learn to code with 100+ Creative challenges and stories
  • Make art, games and music. Hack Minecraft to do something new
  • Play with Google’s song Maker. Browse the internet, watch YouTube, write stories, 100+ apps.
  • Endless play with Kano world. Remix 500, 000+ creations made by the Kano community.
  • For ages 6+. No technical knowledge required. Includes lifetime care and 1 Year Warranty.

3 Replies to “Kano Computer Kit Touch – Make your own tablet”

  1. Wow, what a kit! My nephew loved this starter kit. As most kids nowadays, he is glued to technology. As opposed to giving him a phone or tablet to play on, surf YouTube, etc, it was much more rewarding to see him figure out how to build his own. The instructions were very easy to follow with lots of pictures, that he needed little guidance. He is almost 7, though very bright for his age. Once it was up and running we had a blast fiddling with the settings and games! There are plenty of fun and educational…

  2. Easy to follow instructions, track pad isn’t very responsive My thirteen year old daughter is starting to get into coding and has been enjoying testing out different programs and kits that allow you to do your own basic coding. This Kano tablet kit isn’t really a tablet. It’s more of a touch screen computer. The computer kit comes with all of the components nicely packed in the box ready for you to build your own computer. I handed it off to my daughter when she got home from school and set had the computer assembled in under 45 minutes. She said…

  3. Awesome way to get your child interested in technology I grew up building computers, but these days it’s somewhat of a lost art, mainly do to the mobile device boom and standard desktops becoming so cheap. You can tell that same passion was put into making this kit. 10 year grandson is loving this kit. He is very inquisitive about technology but it’s a bit of a struggle to explain without really seeing, this kit allows me to do that with him. Please take note this is does not take the place of a “normal” tablet, it’s more for educational purposes,…

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