iXCC (r) 2pcs 10ft (TEN FEET !) White EXTRA LONG Extended Length USB SYNC Cable Charger Cord [30 Pin Connector]

Ever tried using your iPad or talking on your iPhone while charging it in bed? Does your existing cable not reach your nightstand in a hotel room? Tired of the short standard cord? Finally, a solution!

With ournew improved version of 10 feet iPhone / iPod cable there will be no more leaning close to your outlet. It is convenient, easy to use, and 100% compatible with the existing iPhones, Pods and iPads. With high-quality and sturdy engineering, this cable is a must have for in your home, car, traveling, and more.

Manufacture’s Limited Warranty

This iXCC ™ product is offered with limited manufacture’s warranty.

The limited warranty period for the Product extends for ONE (1) YEAR from the date of purchase.

The product must be purchase from iXCC to be eligible for the warranty. Do not purchase from unauthorized sellers.

During the limited warranty period, iXCC will replace without charge, a Materially Defective Product. You should expect the replacement to take approximately 30 days. iXCC will return replacement Products to you in working condition.

Product Features

  • Two convenient extra long 10-foot iPhone/iPod/iPad cables ideal for usage while charging and sync in bed, cars, hotel rooms, and more
  • Compatible with iPhone 1, 2, 3, 3s, 4, 4s, iPod 1 through 6, iPod Touch 1 through 4, iPad 1, 2 and the New iPad 3.
  • NOT compatialbe with iPhone5, iPad4, iPad mini and the new iPod touch 5.
  • Improved High Gauge Low Impedance Wire, Extended Boots and Study Cable is Strengthened for Use with Long Range.
  • Brand: iXCC. Included with this listing: 2 x 10ft USB Cable

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2 Replies to “iXCC (r) 2pcs 10ft (TEN FEET !) White EXTRA LONG Extended Length USB SYNC Cable Charger Cord [30 Pin Connector]”

  1. Buyer beware! Danger Danger!!! My cables were very hot when charging my children’s iPad Air devices. My sons cable got so hot it melted the casing. I asked for a replacement figuring they may just be defective and the only option I was given is to return for refund.A refund is acceptable but I worry about others safety. My advice is to stay away from these cables as they may be cheap cables and they may have been designed to work with the new iPad Air but they are definitely not working with these devices. I could only…

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