iPad: The Missing Manual

Super-fast processors, streamlined Internet access, and free productivity and entertainment apps make Apple’s new iPads the hottest tablets around. But to get the most from them, you need an owner’s manual up to the task. That’s where this bestselling guide comes in. You’ll quickly learn how to import, create, and play back media; shop wirelessly; sync content across devices; keep in touch over the Internet; and even take care of business.

The important stuff you need to know:

  • Take tap lessons. Become an expert ‘Padder with the new iPad Air, the iPad Mini with Retina display, or any earlier iPad.
  • Take your media with you. Enjoy your entire media library—music, photos, movies, TV shows, books, games, and podcasts.
  • Surf like a maniac. Hit the Web with the streamlined Safari browser and the iPad’s ultrafast WiFi connection or 4G LTE network.
  • Run the show. Control essential iPad functions instantly by opening the Control Center from any screen.
  • Beam files to friends. Wirelessly share files with other iOS 7 users with AirDrop.
  • Get creative with free iLife apps. Edit photos with iPhoto, videos with iMovie, and make music with GarageBand.
  • Get to work. Use the iPad’s free iWork suite, complete with word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation apps.

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  1. Indispensable! It’s early yet — I’ve only had the book a few days, but I’ve already learned a couple of helpful tricks! The coolest trick so far was learning how to split the tap-type keyboard when it appears, so that it’s easy to thumb-type while holding the iPad (regular size especially) in your hands.Biersdorf tries to hard to be linguistically cool, hip, slangy and with-it. She does not seem to want to explain things that could be explained while she’s on a subject. For instance, how does one…

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