iPad Screen Protector (2017 version,iPad Pro 9.7″,.Air 2,Air), Skinomi Tech Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPad 2017 Clear HD and 9H Hardness Ballistic Tempered Glass Shield

Do you continue to throw money away on iPad screen protectors (9.7″) that don’t protect? It can be a pain knowing that the expensive, yet “basic” screen protector you just received will not prevent your screen from shattering should you accidentally drop it. Why not just skip that basic PET screen protector and invest in one made from a material that is truly designed to protect your touch screen?

Introducing Skinomi® Tech Glass! Made from specialized ultra thin tempered glass, this true HD screen protector offers 99.9% super clear transparency and unmatched protection. The glass features an extremely hard, shatter proof multi-layer silicone adhesive, designed to withstand even the most brutal of impacts. The surface of the Tech Glass has an electro and oleophobic coating, making it super smooth, prevents fingerprints, will resist smudges, and it allows unwanted particles such as dirt, dust or grime to be easily wiped off. Our Tech Glass also features ExTouch Technology, which allows your touch screen to remain fully responsive when the glass is installed. Tech Glass is the ultimate accessory in touch screen protection with Clear 9H Hardness, our glass protectors offer up to 5x more scratch resistance than any other screen protector on the market.

Skinomi® Tech Glass is a revolutionary way to keep your electronic gadgets protected. There aren’t any other products on the market with the qualities and features of Skinomi Glass. Don’t take our word for it. Start protecting your gadgets the right way and be part of the Tech Glass Revolution! TRY Skinomi Tech Glass today!

Skinomi® Tech Glass Includes:

  • Skinomi® Glass Screen Protector
  • Lint-Free Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Installation Card
  • Dust Removal Stickers

    100% Risk-Free Lifetime Warranty

  • Skinomi® Tech Glass Screen Protector for iPad 2017 (iPad Pro 9.7″,Air 2,Air)

    Product Features

    • The iPad 2017 Glass Screen Protector is designed to protect the device against even the most brutal of impacts
    • Made from quality tempered glass that offers high definition 99.9% Clarity
    • ExTouch capabilities allow your touch screen to remain fully responsive
    • Features an electro and oleophobic coated surface that prevents unwanted particles from nesting on the surface of your protector
    • Skinomi Tech Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPad 2017 (iPad Pro 9.7,Air 2,Air) backed by Skinomi’s Lifetime Warranty

  • 3 Replies to “iPad Screen Protector (2017 version,iPad Pro 9.7″,.Air 2,Air), Skinomi Tech Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPad 2017 Clear HD and 9H Hardness Ballistic Tempered Glass Shield”

    1. Easiest screen protector installation ever, just follow the simple directions and use all the included tools. I installed this on the 9.7″ iPad Pro. I’ve used a lot of thin film type screen protectors. They can be a real pain to install cleanly but I’ve gotten pretty good at it. The difference installing this rigid screen protector was night and day.After cleaning the screen, the next step in the clear and simple instructions was to use the antistatic film in the package to sweep away the small specks of dust I missed.Because the screen protector is rigid it took very little effort to…

    2. This was the absolute easiest bubble free installation I’ve ever done for a screen protector. Just make sure you’ve cleared all dust from the screen and align it with your screen. It goes right on with no bubbles with no wait time for it to dry. Earlier I had to replace another protector due to my device being replaced. I was told that their warranty does not cover device replacements but they sent me a replacement screen protector as a courtesy. Great customer service and products from…

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