iPad Air Smart Cover – Black

Apple Smart Cover for iPad Air- Blue

Product Features

  • Wake On Open – Open the smart case and the iPad Air magically wakes up
  • Sleep On Close – Close the smart case and the iPad Air automatically goes to sleep
  • Foldable cover design allows you to create the perfect FaceTime/movie stand as well as a keyboard stand.
  • Soft, color-matching microfiber lining that helps keep your screen clean
  • A hing magnetically aligns the Smart Cover with the iPad Air for a perfect fit, while magnets inside help it stay put

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3 Replies to “iPad Air Smart Cover – Black”

  1. Fit and finish is very good – works well in combination with the SwitchEasy CoverBuddy I originally purchased an Apple Smart Case (not the Smart Cover) at the Apple store but didn’t like it for a variety of reasons (see my review of the Smart Case). I returned the Smart Case and purchased the Smart Cover instead.I did find a combination of the Apple Smart Cover with a third-party back cover that I am extremely pleased with and highly recommend. The first part is the SwitchEasy CoverBuddy for IPad Air, which protects the back of the iPad with a very slim, perfectly…

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