ION iCade Arcade Cabinet for all iPads

Arcade Cabinet With Joystick & Buttons For iPad; Gaming; Authentic, Full-Sized Controls For A Genuine Arcade; Experience; High-Quality iPad-Cradle Specifically Designed For A; Safe, Secure Fit; Retro Cabinet Design That Is Fun, Nostalgic &;Great-Looking

Product Features

  • Arcade Cabinet With Joystick & Buttons For iPad
  • Gaming Device
  • Authentic, Full-Sized Controls For A Genuine Arcade
  • FREE Atari Greatest Hits app with one free game (downloads via App Store)
  • Play Atari classics like Asteroids, Centipede, and Battlezone (sold separately)
  • Authentic, full-sized controls for a genuine arcade experience
  • Classic wooden cabinet perfectly sized for iPad
  • High-quality iPad-cradle specifically designed for a safe, secure fit

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2 Replies to “ION iCade Arcade Cabinet for all iPads”

  1. Fun for arcade enthusiasts! A bit expensive for casual gamers Update: I got one of the very first iCades when it was released and back then, the Atari app was the only compatible one. There are a lot more now. Also, since the third generation iPad isn’t shaped all that differently from the iPad 2, it’s most likely compatible.First I should mention that the iCade cabinet design may look like the picture on this page, or one with a more rainbow look to it. Don’t worry though, it looks great. Very 80s.The hardware itself is excellent…

  2. The best $99 I’ve ever spent. After waiting for someone to buy it for my Birthday or Xmas I finally broke down and bought it for myself. I’ve had my eye on this since before I even owned an iPad. I can now say with confidence that this is the greatest thing I’ve bought myself this year, second only to my iPad 2.The cabinet is very well constructed and solid with little rubber feet to prevent sliding. The buttons and joystick are good quality and make that clicking sound when used. The Bluetooth syncing took…

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