INVELLOP iPad Air 5G 5th generation CRYSTAL CLEAR 3-pack Screen protectors

Our highly favored iPad Air screen protector is a true consumer pleaser with multiple finishes available. It is a must-have for every iPad Air owner.


— 3 Crystal Clear screen protectors

— Squeegee

— Cleaning cloth

— Instructions


— Essentially invisible

— Dust and fingerprint proofed

— designed for ultra-clear transparency

— Hard-coated against scratches and scuffs

— Will not interfere with most iPad Air 5 cases

— Precisely cut for perfect fitting

— Application instructions and cleaning tools included

— The ultimate protection solution for your iPad 5


— It is important to install in a dust-free environment to avoid particles between your guard and iPad screen. If bubbles form, use the cleaning cloth and credit card to rub out any bubbles.

Product Features

  • High quality Crystal Clear Screen Protector for iPad Air 5th Generation
  • Precise cut for best fit and easy installation (also with a cut out for the front camera)
  • Hard coated: scratch and scuff resistant
  • Static cling adhesion: Will not leave sticky residue when removed
  • Includes: 3 high quality iPad Air Crystal Clear screen protectors, squeegee, cleaning cloth, instructions

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3 Replies to “INVELLOP iPad Air 5G 5th generation CRYSTAL CLEAR 3-pack Screen protectors”

  1. Easy to install and couldn’t tell it was even on I’m a little OCD, and I hate imperfections. So, I did not want to have any bubbles or dust under my screen protector. I opened the new iPad Air box, washed my hands with soap and let them air dry, took off the plastic screen cover that came on the iPad and immediately placed the Invellop screen protector on as instructed. It was the easiest screen protector I’ve had the pleasure of installing…and the cleanest! I didn’t get a single bubble, fingerprint or piece of dust in there. There’s a tab…

  2. Great buy! Came right on time! I ordered this on a Monday and it was in my mailbox on Thursday, which is a good thing because I got my iPad Air today(Friday), and I have to say I love it!I like the fact that each screen protector is individually wrapped in its own plastic sleeve, and that it tells you which side to peel first. There is a little card in the package that tells you to go online for an instructional video on You tube or amazon. I could not find it here on amazon, but found it on YouTube. To find it…

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