Incase Designs CL60126 Book Jacket Select for iPad 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Generations, Black/Black

The Book Jacket Select for iPad 3 features a pebbled texture for a premium look and feel, an enhanced suede liner, and new position rails that securely prop up your iPad. Of course, it offers the same dependable protection and enhanced functionality of our bestselling Book Jacket (known as the Convertible Book Jacket for the original iPad). The Select model opens to convert into a stand with three viewing positions and has a low-profile working angle that’s perfect for comfortable typing. A durable elastic band secures it closed for easy carrying. We’ve also added a precision-cut camera hole so it’s a snap to take pictures with your iPad 3 still safely protected.

Product Features

  • Premium travel case opens to function as a stand.
  • Pebbled textured cover for enhanced look and feel.
  • Three viewing angles and one working angle.
  • New rails hold iPad upright for viewing and typing.
  • Secure elastic band closure.
  • Pebbled cover texture for enhanced look and feel
  • Converts into a stand with four viewing angles
  • Additional working angle for easy typing

3 Replies to “Incase Designs CL60126 Book Jacket Select for iPad 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Generations, Black/Black”

  1. Warning…..Does not operate sleep/awake function on Ipad4 Love THIS ipad case by Incase…This is my 4th one, ( It’s the best case I have ever found) The ipad fits snugly and secure. I really like the cloth elastic band that holds it shut when I am carrying it with me somewhere. When you close the flap, you can hear the lock feature activate…. and having the four bars on the flap let’s me position it to an angle that’s comfortable for what ever I am doing. It’s very durable, and wipes clean with a damp cloth. These are getting harder to find so…

  2. I loved this incase initially. The ipad4 slipped into the case easily and it is secure. The case provides great protection. The case also has several positions the ipad4 can stand in. Here is the major problem which I have found with many cases on the Ipad4: When you close the case, it does not put the screen to sleep. Either I have to manually turn off the screen on the side black button, or wait for the two minute function to turn the screen off. I have an ipad 2 and 3 and the icase works…

  3. I like incase products because very simply, they work very well to protect my electronic items that I need to be mobile with.I had the incase for my iPad 1 and was very happy with it for the last couple of years, because it provided total protection against bumps, bruises, anything that would harm my iPad, so when the iPad 4 came out, I did a lot of research looking at the different folders that were out there to protect my iPad 4.I finally decided on about 3 different…

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