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iCan’t Believe this iPad Thing is so Poorly Planned!

Ahhh...sweet, sweet retribution.

Ahhh…sweet, sweet retribution.

So…here we have a simple, yet damning situation. Tomorrow is Day One of our iPad rollout, featuring the Grade Eight Students. Forget the idea that only about half the kids have turned in the paperwork to be allowed to deal with the iPads at all. Check the bag at the door, if that bag deals with the fact there is no educational software of merit in place. Do not pass go on the frequent bandwidth failure criticism. These are all amateur hour issues.

At period six today, the charging carts that are needed to do this at all were unassembled.

Let me clarify: Number of carts equal to zero.

I had the fun, if menial task of taking charge plus out of pizza box style storage, removing them from cellophane, and stacking them for an assembly line style procedure. In half an hour I exhausted the supply available, and the construction began in earnest. The target number…nineteen.

By four o’clock, that target had been met, and the carts were beginning to be delivered to classes. Note that this put us at the minimum number for tomorrow, in a three day rollout schedule. All of this madness begins again tomorrow, as if no progress had really been made. Sisyphus would be jealous of this kind of task.

That’s not the best part. While explaining the logistics and procedures to the staff, it was more or less put forth that every single teacher now had ten additional minutes of unpaid time, with responsibilities attached. The exact second that I said, in reference to this written document, that it was a gross breach of contract, the principal stepped up to a microphone to state, “This is not a mandate…use your best judgment. Once again, not a mandate.”

Sorry bro…it’s written on paper as a responsibility that was in turn distributed in a meeting that you presided over. This is like when my kids are playing on the yard at school, and they declare “take backs.” No take backs, Darth. You’re assigning responsibility to time I’m not paid for.

I come in early and leave late as it is. In fact, I come in before him, and leave after him. That’s the part that galls me. If I thought that this guy was working close to as hard as I am, or had half as much invested, I might let it go and say, “good of the team.” Instead, a man who came to campus ONE DAY last week, and leaves early all the time with the words “I have someplace else to be” is asking me to do EVEN MORE.

Last week, most days I did his supervision post for him, and that’s not in my contract at all. It’s just safety for the kids.

As I did finally leave today (After Darth), I saw the IT group on campus delivering the carts to the rooms, to charge overnight. The artwork above is about exactly that process, and how problematic it really is…

…and I drew it Sunday morning. That’s right, True Believer. That’s how predictable all of the problems here really are.

Sadly, we don’t have any of the grade seven carts ready to go, and that’s my day. That’s Thursday, and I already see those problems of simple logistics looming like thunderclouds on the horizon.

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