Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Creation Center Case for iPad

A sturdy case with clear film helps to protect your iPad device from dribbles and drool as baby plays. With four art shape stampers, baby can interact with two downloadable apps, allowing baby to learn, create and discover shapes, sorting, colors and more. A colorful play panel snaps over the film for even more ways to play without your iPad. Use the Laugh & Learn Creation Center flat or set up the easel on back for variety.

Product Features

  • Download 2 free apps from the App Store to interact with 4 art shape stampers (included)
  • Snap-on play panel for more hands-on fun, without your iPad
  • Clear film protects from dribbles, drool, teething & unwanted pressing of home button
  • Two ways to set up for play: Flat or easel base
  • Compatible with iPad generations 1-4 (iPad not included)

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3 Replies to “Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Creation Center Case for iPad”

  1. A Truly Kid-Proof iPad Holder This is probably the largest and most solidly constructed iPad case available. It certainly lacks in portability, but that’s the point when subjecting a relatively fragile piece of electronics to babies and young toddlers.iPads 1, 2, 3, and 4 fit nicely inside the unit and are protected by a plastic frame and “drool proof” screen protector that snap into place very securely. iPad minis and whatever new iPad might come after the fourth generation device…

  2. Great toy but QR codes are dead! My little one (5mo) loves to play with an iPad. Case seems strong and solid and the film protects from drool. However, the included QR code (in the manual as well as inside the case) contains a URL to Fisher-Price’s webpage that is simply empty. It took me some time to fish out those apps from the iTunes store but it wasn’t easy as F-P released tens of apps on iTunes. I finally found the apps that can take advantage of the included “stampers” that have unique touch pattern on the bottom. Very…

  3. Beware, stampers are chipped on delivery, but still a great iPad case NOTE: Inspect the stampers before use.I was really excited to have my son play with this toy, but upon opening, I noticed the stamper shaped parts looked faded on certain areas, when looking closer at the discoloration, I noticed paint chips on the stampers. I immediately put those away, I have taken pictures which I will upload here. I would not let any baby play with those as most babies like mine put everything in their mouths.As for the Apptivity center, I am now…

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