Explore Foldable Volume Limiting Kids Headphones – Durable, Comfortable & Customizable – Built in Headphone Splitter and In Line Mic – For iPad, Kindle, Computers and Tablets – Pink

Pillow Soft Ear Pads and Headband
Gentle and luxurious for hours of comfort that bring joy to ears, inside and out. Perfect for toddlers and children age 2 to 8.

Passive Noise Reduction
Our Comfy hypoallergenic ear pads help block outside noise so that you can enjoy your world, comfortably.

Foster Engagement and Interaction with our BuddyCable Built in Audio Splitter

Share The Fun
Integrated BuddyCable splitter eliminates the need to carry around a bulky audio splitter. Allows up to 4 BuddyPhones to share the same device – Ideal while traveling, watching movies and playing games!

Tangle-Free 3 Foot Cord
Includes a 3.5mm gold-plated plug to ensure your little adventures stay golden year after year.

Kid Tough
Flexible plastic construction for scratch resistance and amazing bendability! Twist to your heart’s delight and watch as they bend right back into shape!

The New Tug of War Cable
A flat, tangle resistant and non-toxic cable. Lab-tested for the tuffles, tug of wars and lassos that life throws your way.

All buddyphones include 6 sets of stickers for your child to easily customize their headphones.

The Good Kind
Made of highly durable vinyl, these stickers are built to last, easy to replace and don’t leave any nasty residue.

Colors That Pop
Bright, fun and made to help your child enjoy life with some flair!

Travel Bag
A durable drawstring bag for easy travel and storage. Rip resistant and washer friendly.

Detachable Cord
Flat, ultra durable and safer by easily detaching from the headphones.

In-Line Mic
Perfect for pausing movies and video chatting with the relatives!

Product Features

  • BEST KIDS HEADPHONES FOR SAFE AUDIO: BuddyPhones were designed for safety, comfort, and fun. Each BuddyPhone comes with 6 sets of decorative stickers for customization. Appropriate for children and toddlers between the age of 3 – 10. BuddyPhones Explore Foldable make great headphones for school, home and on the go!
  • ALWAYS-ON VOLUME LIMITER: Volume is limited to a kid safe level of 85 dB. This volume level is recommended by the World Health Organization as the max volume for children.
  • AWARD-WINNING DESIGN FOR KIDS: BuddyPhones are tailor made for kids, featuring a super durable and bendable housing that is adjustable for a perfect fit. All BuddyPhones are made with soft and comfortable hypoallergenic padding. The 2 1/2 ft. cable is flat to prevent tangles and the foldable design makes travelling with and storing the headphones as easy as can be. Their unique, kid-friendly design has won BuddyPhones Explore Foldable numerous awards including the 2017 Parent’s Choice Award!
  • EASY SHARING: The BuddyCable includes a patented, built-in audio splitter for sharing with friends without getting tangled. Up to 4 BuddyPhones can be shared in the same device.
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES AND COMPATIBILITY: The included 3.5mm gold plated audio jack works with iPads, Amazon Kindle, tablets, iPhones, Samsung, Smartphones. They are perfect for use in school in combination with laptops, computers, and other audio devices. All BuddyPhone Explore Foldable model headphones also feature an in-line microphone with answering button. Travel bag included.

3 Replies to “Explore Foldable Volume Limiting Kids Headphones – Durable, Comfortable & Customizable – Built in Headphone Splitter and In Line Mic – For iPad, Kindle, Computers and Tablets – Pink”

  1. We got them and the cord was much shorter than I would have expected. It would be fine for personal devices, but to use on a PC or shared DVD player probably not practical. They do seem to be well made and the customer service is great!They solicited feedback or the opportunity to address any of my concerns so I replied that we were disappointed the cord was so short and asked if there was a way to order additional cords for length and they sent one to me for free, no further questions…

  2. We’ve been through multiple sets of headphones for our 5 year old son. Some weren’t so sturdy, others stopped working long before they should have and others I could hear from all the way across the room. By far, these are my favorites of those we’ve had. Most important to me, these have a volume limiting feature. We are no longer nagging our son to turn down the volume on his devices. And, I’m not worrying about him destroying his hearing. They are also super flexible, making them less likely…

  3. Our 3 and half year old is very excited to use this headphones and apply the stickers. It fits her head well, and it does a good job of limiting the volume. I compared it with a regular earbud, when I play music at the highest volume allowed by my tablet, this product limits the volume at a loud but still acceptable level (I think this is necessary because I am testing at home at night, if using it on a train or plain with louder background, this level would allow the contents to be heard), vs…

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