eForCity 3-Pieces Reusable Screen Protector for Apple iPad mini (PAPPIPDMSP04)

Compatible With Apple;: iPad; Mini. Attaches smoothly with self-adhering surface. Leaves no residue when removed. Features:.99% UV Protection: Reduces eye strain caused by the LCD screen.

Product Features

  • Your Apple; iPad; Minis LCD screen is the window to its mobile soul; keep it clean and clear with this screen protector
  • This 3-piece screen protector compatible with Apple; iPad; Mini features easy installation steps
  • Installation steps may be found on the two tabs on the front and back protector layer. Protect your Apple; iPad; Mini against dust and scratches with this reusable screen protector. Screen protector covers the whole front side of the cell phone.

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3 Replies to “eForCity 3-Pieces Reusable Screen Protector for Apple iPad mini (PAPPIPDMSP04)”

  1. (Bought from NY) lose resolution The screen protectors where good but I made mistakes on two of them by letting dust get stuck and leaving the protector useless since a million dust bubbles would appear, but at last the 3rd and last protector sticked, and after squeezing bubbles out without a squeegee and pealing the other side of the protector I realized it leaves the resolution of the screen look humid, like go to the shower and let steam build up and after minutes look at your ipad will its on and that’s basically what the…

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