Coffee Keepers Under Cabinet K-Cup Holder (608938498274)

Under Cabinet K-cup Holder. Designed for Keurig’s K-cups. Pulls down for easy access & user selection. Swings up for unseen storage. No tools, hardware or drilling required for installation. Elite fits ANY cabinet. High strength, precision steel & riveted joints allow for years of functional use. We hope you love it as much as our friends and family.

Product Features

  • Patent Pending
  • Sleek Black
  • 24 K-cup Cap.
  • Precision Steel
  • Hides easily.

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2 Replies to “Coffee Keepers Under Cabinet K-Cup Holder (608938498274)”

  1. I love this K-cup holder so much I bought a second one!! I don’t like to have a lot of kitchen counter clutter so I was so happy to find this product. I read a bunch of the reviews ahead of time so I went ahead and secured it with the screws so it wouldn’t go anywhere. I love this thing so much that I bought a second one so both my husband and I can have our own coffees in our own holders. The design is sleek and I love being able to have a bunch of different flavored coffees right by my Keurig without having a pile of different boxes on the…

  2. Love this item, but learn from my fail! I love, love, love this k-cup holder. I had it in my last house and it worked like a charm for two and a half years. We recently moved, and I donated our existing one to the new owners, so this holder was one of my first purchases for the house – not even a question.Here’s where you can learn from me:When you take the holder out of the box, determine before you hang it up which way the tray pulls forward. They don’t label it for – I assume – aesthetic reasons, which is…

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