Brydge 7.9 Keyboard for iPad Mini 4 Keyboard. Backlit, Aluminum, Detachable, 180 Degree Viewing. (Space Gray)

The Brydge 7.9 turns the iPad mini 4 into a mini MacBook like experience with backlit keys, tactile typing experience, 100 percent aluminum design and iOS special function keys. Available in Silver, Space Gray or Gold to integrate beautifully with your iPad. The Brydge 7.9 is ultra thin, rechargeable and uses bluetooth keyboard brings versatility and productivity to your fingertips. Combined with the iPad mini 4, they create the ultimate in mobile productivity. A perfect balance between tablet and laptop, giving you the power to be mobile and productive anytime, anywhere. Forged out of a single piece of high-grade aluminum for added strength, beauty, and the premium feel you expect. The Brydge 7.9 is slim, only weighs 11 ounce and is detachable to keep mobility simple and light, and a match of color, texture, and feel. Versatile viewing angles from 0-180 degree through a strong patented hinge. Set your desired angle for high productivity and comfort. Enjoy movies, games and apps with ease. Also easily connect or remove your iPad to change from laptop to tablet in seconds. LED Backlit keys that provide the ultimate typing experience in low to no light conditions. 3 levels of back light to meet your visibility demands. A feature that comes in very handy when you need it most. Natural tactile typing with the feel, sound, and response you expect. A full keyboard, with 3-level backlit keys, and the top row of dedicated iOS special function keys. Type easier, type faster, type with confidence. Truly a laptop experience, with the versatility of an iPad. Note: iPad is sold separately. The Brydge 7.9 is not compatible with the Apple iPad mini 1, 2 or 3. Every effort is made to match the color of your Brydge 7.9 to the color of the related iPad. Please note that colors may vary from time to time so we are unable to guarantee precise color matching.

Product Features

  • PREMIUM BRYDGE KEYBOARD | Big on productivity, small in size. Full keyboard with backlit keys and top row of dedicated iOS special function keys. Natural tactile typing with the feel, sound, and response you expect.
  • PRECISION DESIGN | The Brydge 7.9 combines beauty, strength, and the premium feel you expect. Engineered to match the iPad mini 4 in size, color, and texture. Compatible with the Apple iPad mini 4 generation only (not the mini 1, 2 or 3 gen).
  • 180 DEGREE VIEWING | Patented hinges that secure your iPad for a true laptop experience and 0 to 180 degree rotation. Wireless connection via bluetooth, the keyboard is easily detachable if needed.
  • HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION | Slim, light and strong design. Weighing in at only 11 ounces, built of an Ultra thin, 100 percent high grade aluminum body.

3 Replies to “Brydge 7.9 Keyboard for iPad Mini 4 Keyboard. Backlit, Aluminum, Detachable, 180 Degree Viewing. (Space Gray)”

  1. My iPad was easy to install and the keyboard was easy to sync … Received my keyboard yesterday and was excited to begin using it. My iPad was easy to install and the keyboard was easy to sync to my iPad’s bluetooth. I immediately loved how, when attached, the keyboard, in effect, turned my iPad into a mini-laptop—great design! BUT, and this is a big but——-once I began using it I learned that the return/enter key and seven other keys along the lower level of the keyboard did not work. It’s a deal-breaker for me when a product has such a major fault…

  2. Love the keybpard I love the keyboard. I am not so fond of the hinge and how it covers over part of the screen. I read others’ reviews of this situation and decided I could live with it. And I will. the keyboard itself is way better than my previous Logitech keyboard for my older ipad. The Logitech though, it snapped shut magnetically and attached itself better. And I never had any trouble using any of the touchscreen. It is crazy how often we use both in navigation these days, so I am ambivalent about…

  3. Absolutely Love it! Just received my new keyboard today and I absolutely love it! I do a lot of writing so being able to carry around my iPad mini and keyboard wherever I go is a game changer for me. It closes up evenly and securely. I also bought the leather pouch case that is made for the iPad/mini and keyboard and love it.My only complaint, is that when I received my first keyboard, the space bar didn’t work correctly. The company’s customer service was great, though, and I was able to send it back right…

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