Bobj Advanced Heavy Duty Case for iPad 4 , iPad 3 , iPad 2 (not for iPad Air) – BobjGear protective cover – Batfish Blue

This is an advanced design, high quality, protective silicone case for the New iPad 4, 3 and 2 (not for iPad Air). This heavy duty case provides more drop protection and shock absorption than typical skins. The colorful and stylish case allows easy use of all functions of the iPad. This Advanced Design Bobj iPad Case includes cooling vents to protect the high performance Quad Core Graphics capability. For great travel protection, this case is compatible with BobjGear Hard Side Screen Protector Tablet Bags.

All Bobj Cases are made from a high quality silicone formula which meets U.S. FDA Food Grade Requirements. For easy maintenance, wash with mild soap and water, and dry with a lint free cloth. The ease of cleaning, plus the rugged design and snug fit makes these cases both kid-friendly, and provide protection in harsh environments. Bobj Cases are currently used in US school systems and by professional businesses.

The iPad will not accept the Dock when using this case. The iPad is not included with the case.

Product Features

  • High quality, heavy duty design throughout provides greater drop protection than “skins”
  • Protective top bezel, rounded edges and corners, with non-slip feet and unique Quad Core cooling vents
  • Stylish design, in seven cool colors, includes extra camera and mic protection
  • Specifically designed to accommodate all the New iPad 3 and iPad 2 ports and switches
  • Makes the iPad easier to hold – Kid friendly. Easy to clean, Food Grade Silicone.

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3 Replies to “Bobj Advanced Heavy Duty Case for iPad 4 , iPad 3 , iPad 2 (not for iPad Air) – BobjGear protective cover – Batfish Blue”

  1. Big Protection, Big Grip I’d had this case for a few months now and really like it. First, if you don’t like silicone cases in general then you won’t like this. But I do and always have, because I like the grip they give me. Yes, they pick up fuzz. So what? Wipes right off and they’re washable, too.I decided to get this case after my book-style case wasn’t working for me and I decided I wanted the front of my iPad “free” of a cover (I do use a screen protector, of course). Also, my 2 year old is becoming…

  2. Great product So far, six months, after considerable exposure to grand children, the iPad and this product that protects it so well, are doing very well. This product does add a little bulk to the slender iPad, but it also makes the iPad easier and more comfortable to hold for long periods. The bright color also makes the iPad easy to find when misplaced. I usually just wipe this product down with a wipe used to clean a kitchen counter. The built in gaps for controls, charging plugs and cooling are in the…

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