BLACK Scoop Series Tablet Carrying Bag Sleeve with Shoulder Strap for Apple iPad Air Tablet

This convenient and practical bag can be carried as a cross body bag by using the removable strap or as a protective sleeve to put away at when you are done playing games, chatting or browsing the web. Can be carried inside your laptop bag, briefcase, luggage or backpack. Made of fine washable and semi waterproof neoprene. This sleek looking bag closes with two-way top zippers for easy access. Front nylon double-pockets on the outside will allow you to carry extra accessories including but not limited to your mobile phone; top neoprene lip. Backside features one more neoprene pocket for small documents. Super light and comfortable to carry when traveling. All orders for this tablet bag are shipped with one EnvyDeal Velcro Cable Tie, a neat way to secure your guitar, mic and power cords. This fabric strip features velcro style closure to hold your coiled cables in place.

Product Features

  • Adjustable / detachable shoulder strap
  • Made of washable neoprene
  • Two-way top zipper closure for easy access
  • Soft durable interior for bump and shock absorption
  • Aproximate dimensions

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  1. This carrying bag is exactly what I wanted This bag just came in the mail. I wanted a small case with a shoulder strap to carry my iPad Air. The bag is as described. Although I haven’t used it for carrying outside the house yet, I immediately put my new iPad into the case. Using this bag I can carry over the shoulder or slip it into my laptop bag when I want to carry the laptop and the iPad. This bag is made of neoprene which is a synthetic rubber compound. It actually looks more like fabric than rubber. If you put the bag near…

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