Belkin QODE Ultimate Wireless Keyboard and Case for iPad 2, 3rd Gen and 4th Gen with Retina Display

The thin and lightweight Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad reinvents the tablet as an enhanced productivity tool.

Product Features

  • Wireless iPad keyboard and protective case in one
  • Fold flat: the keyboard is only 6.4mm thick
  • Three viewing angles with precision-hold magnets for stability
  • Large keys provide a laptop like typing experience
  • Offers 160 hours of battery life between charges
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • SoundFlow design enhances iPad’s audio clarity
  • USB-to-micro-USB cable included

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3 Replies to “Belkin QODE Ultimate Wireless Keyboard and Case for iPad 2, 3rd Gen and 4th Gen with Retina Display”

  1. Great! Oh my goodness, I love this thing! I’ve used three different regular cases, a mini bluetooth keyboard, and a keyboard/case combo. I did not expect this to be vastly different from the other keyboard case that I tried.First of all, this is a hard case. It does not flex. The other keyboard case that I tried was rigid/stiff, but it could flex a tiny bit. That means that when closed, part of the keyboard could make contact with the iPad screen. Maybe that’s nothing, but I don’t like…

  2. Excellent iPad Wireless Keyboard/Case Combo The Belkin Belkin Ultimate Wireless Keyboard and Case for iPad 2, 3rd Gen and 4th Gen iPads performs exactly as advertised. It has a complete wireless QWERTY keyboard, about 10% smaller than the standard keyboard that is surprisingly responsive and comfortable to type on, with a bit of adjustment. It mates with the iPad via standard Bluetooth pairing. Out of the box, it literally takes but a few seconds to have your iPad snapped into the plastic top holder and paired with the keyboard…

  3. Good looking, great protection and convenience When I slid this case out of the box I was impressed how sleek and well-constructed it is. The closed case is 3/4″ thick. One side is satin finish aluminum that holds the keyboard. The other side is a sturdy plastic frame with a large rubberized plastic panel and hinge. The iPad snaps into that side and is held securely but is easy to remove and replace. The rubberized panel provides a good grip when holding the closed case.There are three magnetic slots behind the keyboard that…

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