Bear Motion for iPad Air – Ultra thin Folio Case with Detachable Bluetooth Keyboard for Apple iPad Air

Designers at Bear Motion never rest. Now, allow us to bring you the slimmest folio case for iPad Air with detachable Bluetooth keyboard. Super slim folio case + super slim keyboard = your convenience.

Keyboard charges via micro USB port. Micro USB cable is included in the package. You can simply connect it to your iPad charger via the included micro USB port to charge it.

It is easy to pair and connect with your iPad.

1. charge the keyboard

2. go to settings and Bluetooth settings in your iPad. Turn on the Bluetooth and it will start searching for nearby devices

3. switch on the keyboard and press the pair button (pair is only necessary during the initial set up)

4. iPad will see the keyboard and list it on the screen. Press the keyboard name on the screen to pair.

5. iPad asks to enter 4 digits pairing code. Enter that on the keyboard and they will be paired, connected and ready to use.

6. next time when you switch on the keyboard, it will automatically connect with the iPad.

Two reasons to buy Bear Motion:

Reason No. 1: Rigorous and relentless quality control
One might think that anybody can make these cases that have nothing special in design. While this is true, nobody other than Bear Motion can deliver the quality consistently to every end user.

Reason No. 2: Best material guaranteed

We only use the best. Never compromise quality for any reasons.

Bear Motion is registered trademark and distributed by Pro Ebiz LLC

As much as we do the quality control rigorously, there are still possible defective items slipping through our fingers, since all of these products are handmade. Please make sure to contact us if the less fortunate incident happens to you. We will do everything to correct the problem should it happens.

Product Features

  • Durable PU leather material for Durability and Elegance
  • Designed and Made specially for the All New iPad Air – Support Smart Cover Function
  • With the iPad Air in the case, the dimensions are: 9.96 inch * 7.125 inch * 0.74 inch.
  • Bear Motion is registered trademark with USPTO and is protected by US trademark law
  • LED light indicator: a. when you plug in to charge, a red light will come on. It will go off when the keyboard is fully charged. b. when you switch the keyboard on, you will see either a blue light or a red light coming on for a few seconds and then going off. If you see a blue light on for a few seconds, it indicates that keyboard does not charge. if you see a red light coming on, it means you need to charge the keyboard. c. when you click the pair button, you will see the blue light blinking, which indicates that the keyboard is in pairing mode and will show up on your tablet when the tablet is searching for nearby devices.

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3 Replies to “Bear Motion for iPad Air – Ultra thin Folio Case with Detachable Bluetooth Keyboard for Apple iPad Air”

  1. Problem with Bluetooth Keypad I recently ordered a BearMotion Portfolio Case for my new Kindle HD 8.9. The porfolio arrived within just a couple of days and it is quite nice. Good quality construction, and cut to fit all of the ports/web cam etc on the Kindle. The removable keypad makes it great as a reader too.The Bluetooth keypad had limited, but clear instructions and after only one or two fumblethumbed attempts on my part began to work great….other than haveing to touch the kindle screen for some of the…

  2. works great; very nice case Pros:–SO much easier than the on-screen keyboard.–This is one of the two most responsive, involved merchants on Amazon whom I have encountered. The other, if you have a cat, is PetFusion.–Linked quickly and easily to Kindle Fire, and with desktop PC, which is a first for me. I never have luck with bluetooth connections–I have a wireless keyboard and mouse for my PC. They work off the same dongle. Yet, when I paired this keyboard to my PC via bluetooth, there was…

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