AppMATes – Single Pack – McQueen

The AppMATes Cars 2 Single Pack turns any iPad into an endless virtual play mat! Download the free app and begin exploring Radiator Springs,Tokyo and many new places to come!

Product Features

  • Digital interaction with iPad 2
  • Free app download
  • 100% safe for iPad use
  • Real lights and movie SFX

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3 Replies to “AppMATes – Single Pack – McQueen”

  1. Try it before you buy it, currently available ONLY for iPad 2 I downloaded the app, tested it out, and bought the cars. It is October of 2011. At this point, you may be thinking “Wait! Tested it out before buying the cars?” Yes, that is possible….up to a point. You can choose what the app instructions list as a ” paper” car sample and follow the instructions. You’ll be able to explore the app in depth, including racing games and various tasks which earn prizes. Want to know the pros and cons with the actual cars? Skip to the pros and cons section of…

  2. My Grandson Had a Blast – WARNING – Some Cars Scratch Your Screen I bought the Lightning McQueen car for my 4 1/2 year old grandson and gave it to him to play with before a 2 hour car trip. Except for occasional exclamations of “I love this game,” I didn’t hear a peep out of him during the drive. My husband helped him learn how to hold the car properly and how to maneuver it on my iPad 2, and he was then good to go.The game seems to work pretty well. Every once in a while the game loses track of the car, but you just have to tap it lightly on…

  3. Works Flawlessly with 1 Quick & Simple Mod When I first purchased the car it was pretty frustrating due to the fact that the iPad 3rd Gen would rarely register it on the screen. After thorough observation there are several limiting factors to the car’s ability to penetrate properly on the iPad’s screen. Fortunately it only requires 1 simple modification to solve all of these. Screen protectors, magnetic cases, and other protective devices are the main limiting factors. I debated taking my screen protector off and seeing if that would…

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