Apple Watch Screen Protector 38mm [6-Pack], (Series 3/2/1 Compatible) ILLUMI AquaShield Full Coverage Screen Protector for Apple Watch HD Anti-Bubble Film Military-Grade Self-Healing UV-Resistant

ILLUMI AquaShield Ultra Clear HD Screen Protector for Apple Watch Series 3 (38mm)

The revolutionary and most effective way to keep your favorite mobile device protected is with ILLUMI AquaShield premium HD crystal clear Apple Watch Series 3 screen protector. Crafted using military-grade materials, AquaShield protectors are designed to keep your device protected against the rigors of everyday life. ILLUMI AquaShield protectors are made from a unique film that is the toughest in its class and features a self-healing UV-resistant layer that not only prevents yellowing but also resists scratches, dents, and abrasions.

It’s as if it’s not even there!

  • Virtually invisible – 99.9% Ultra Crystal Clear.
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing process results in precise protectors.
  • Outermost protective layer offers a glass-like feel while keeping your screen fully protected.
  • Wet Install – Unique installation process allows for movement during the installation for best results.

Prolong the Life and Retain the Value of Your Device

  • Military-grade film used is made to withstand scratches, dents and abrasions.
  • Prevents dust, grime, and dirt from collecting on your device.
  • Self-healing UV-resistant layer prevents yellowing and keeps your device in pristine condition.
  • Comes with an industry-leading Lifetime Warranty that is sure to scare away the competition.

Product Features

  • Industry leading iLLumiShield Lifetime Warranty! Should your ILLUMI AquaShield screen protector for Apple Watch Series 3 (38mm) ever wear, simply contact us for a hassle-free replacement
  • Military grade film used in crafting ILLUMI AquaShield Apple Watch Series 3 screen protectors is designed to withstand scratches, dents, scrapes that would harm your device. Thin yet durable, ILLUMI AquaShield screen covers provide premium edge-to-edge protection without adding unnecessary bulk.
  • UV-resistant layer prevents yellowing ensuring your screen remains crystal clear for enhanced viewing pleasure unlike matte finish and privacy protectors.
  • Virtually Invisible – ILLUMI AquaShield crystal clear HD protectors are smooth to the touch and keep your device fully responsive. Experience frictionless swiping thanks to the glass-like surface of the ILLUMI AquaShield multi-layered film
  • Unique silicone adhesive layer ensures a hassle and bubble-free installation. The wet-install process allows for adjustments during the installation for better results

3 Replies to “Apple Watch Screen Protector 38mm [6-Pack], (Series 3/2/1 Compatible) ILLUMI AquaShield Full Coverage Screen Protector for Apple Watch HD Anti-Bubble Film Military-Grade Self-Healing UV-Resistant”

  1. High Quality Protection For My Apple Watch! As someone who’s always active and can’t keep staying in one place, I’m pretty used to having scratched watch faces, bruised jewelry, and beaten up accessories. It can get annoying at times as marks can definitely lower the value of any item. Not to mention, how filthy and weathered it becomes once it’s all battered and spent. I decided to keep the same fate from happening when I finally bought an Apple Watch to keep my life in check. I figured that it may be “proper” to have it protected as I…

  2. What a great product!! I got this item in very excellent packing, it is very big box I thought why a small watch has this big box, and the surprise reveal by opening that, this contain cloth, is an excellent screen protector and I bought it for my friend who was looking for this last many days and I promised him that I give him this thing. He got really happy, the installation is quite easy and after installing “touch” is 100% functional and not limited in any way. It was super easy to put on…

  3. Has 6 protectors in one pack! Great kit for the price! Comes in a handy holder to safely store and put away for your next use. The manufacture provides a video so you can install it properly. The kit comes with a Warranty. The screen protector is made from Military grade material that will keep the watch from getting scratches and damage. It is clear and installs while it is wet to correctly place it on the watch! Great kit and recommend it to keep the watch from damage. Highly recommend this…

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