Apple Original iPad Mini Glass Digitizer with IC chip, Complete Service part Black

Apple Original assembly – iPad glass/digitizer, includes the digitizer with home button, adhesive, integrated IC chipset with connector, and ready to install.

NOTE: Highly recommended that you test prior to adhering the assembly, as most merchants won’t accept return on units which have been fully installed.

Product Features

  • Complete assembly with harness and home button
  • Integrated IC chipset on unit with assembly
  • Factory original part
  • Adhesive pre-installed
  • Complex and challenging installation process: takes approx 2hrs.

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3 Replies to “Apple Original iPad Mini Glass Digitizer with IC chip, Complete Service part Black”

  1. A life saver! My daughter’s iPad Mini fell from her arms and onto the concrete driveway. It landed on a corner, causing the entire screen to shatter.The price to repair the unit at Apple would have been around $250, which is not far off from the cost of a brand new unit. I decided to try repairing the unit myself, and ordered this part.I like that several things about this particular part (as opposed to some of the other items available on Amazon):1. This is an actual Apple…

  2. Use caution when ordering this I ordered the screen replacement, came fast. I was excited to have the part so I could fix my iPad. When I opened the box, the screen was cracked. Yes, cracked. I was disappointed. I called the customer service number and explained to then that I received my item broken. I thought it was going to be a simple replacement. No it wasn’t I was told I had to send then pictures of the box it came in and a picture of the broken iPad screen. Once I did this they would determine whether to replace it or…

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