Anker® iPad Mini / iPad Mini 2 / New Apple iPad Mini with Retina display [2-Pack] Xtreme Scratch Defender Ultra-Clear High-Response Premium Screen Protector Lifetime Warranty

Screen protection takes on real-life use and abuse.

Xtreme Scratch Defender.
What does the industry-high 4H-hardness protector add to your phone? Simply the best scratch-free screen protection on the market made from PET film. We’re so sure, if your protector does manage to get scratched during normal use, we’ll give you a hassle-free replacement or refund of your purchase.

Material that matters.
Featuring premium PET film, with it’s ultra-transparent and high-response properties, retain your screen’s full visual and touch experience even with the added layer. Also engineered to reduce smudges, fingerprints, and easily wipe clean.

Easy bubble-free installation.
The Anker® screen protector comes with all you’ll need for a fast and easy installation. Our kit includes: a microfiber cloth, a bubble-removal card and a dust-removal adhesive strip. Install in just three simple steps and enjoy your mint-condition screen for years to come.

Lifetime warranty.
At Anker, we back our line of screens protectors with a lifetime warranty. That means, no matter how long you’ve used it, we’ll offer you a quick, no-hassle REPLACEMENT OR REFUND if:

• You encounter installation problems such as bubbling or the product does not match your screen size.
• Your screen protector sustains normal use wear and tear or scratches.

Get to know us.
We created Anker with a single goal in mind: to make the smart life easier. That means starting with affordable, high-quality gear and ending with a commitment to 100% user satisfaction. After all, we’re customers too.

Product Features

  • Premium Japanese PET film with an industry-high 4H hardness prevents scratches.
  • Ultra-transparent (up to 96%) material and anti-smudge overlay maintain your screen’s original high-definition viewing experience.
  • High-response material preserves full, touch-screen sensitivity.
  • Easy, 3-step installation with the included tool kit.
  • Package contents: [2-Pack] screen protector, 1 micro-fiber cloth, 1 bubble-removal card, 1 dust-removal adhesive strip, 1 instruction manual.

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3 Replies to “Anker® iPad Mini / iPad Mini 2 / New Apple iPad Mini with Retina display [2-Pack] Xtreme Scratch Defender Ultra-Clear High-Response Premium Screen Protector Lifetime Warranty”

  1. Clear, easy, inexpensive Bullets: Clear, easy to install, good price pointAnker gave me this product in exchange for my honest feedback, so I’ll do my best to write an accurate, unbiased review.I’ve had my share of matte screen protectors before, and many of them left a lot to be desired. Most of the cheap ones on early non-retina devices such as the iphone 3GS or ipad 1made the screen more blurry and harder to read. In that respect, the only thing that was gained was the fact that the screen needed…

  2. Amadable! (Amazing & Affordable) This is my 1st time installing a screen protector myself for a larger screen. And I have a problem installing this for the first time and spoiled my 1st piece. I told them that it could be easier to have a register mark for easy aligning for those who’re not often installing a screen protector and they consider it in the future. Plus they replace my spoiled piece for free within 1 week without hassle. Damn, for this kind of price, you don’t usually get that kind of service. But with them and…

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