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3M Easy-On Privacy Filter and Screen Protector for the Apple iPad mini – Bubble-Free Application- Portrait (MPF830116)

Product attachment
Easy on for privacy

3M Easy-On Privacy Filter is yet another innovation from 3M, the Visual Privacy Experts. This patent-pending product is the first and only removable privacy filter for iPad. Now you can enjoy privacy when you need it, then easily remove the filter when you want to share. Each filter is custom cut to fit your iPad (iPad 2 & iPad 3rd/4th gen.) and iPad mini. The iPad model is available in portrait or landscape orientation. The iPad mini model is available in portrait orientation.

Portrait or landscape orientation
120 degrees of privacy
Privacy with exceptional clarity

With 3M’s privacy technology, you can use your iPad in public without revealing confidential information. You see your screen clearly from the front, while people only see blackened screen from the side. 3M’s proprietary technology provides incredible privacy, yet still allows you to see your screen with vivid clarity.

Easy to apply and remove
Easy application thanks to the ingenious corner adhesive tabs

Applying a privacy filter has never been easier. The corner adhesive tabs provide a quick, easy attachment and allow you to apply and remove the filter over and over. The adhesive tabs are specially formulated to remove easily from your screen and are washable to remove dust and dirt.

Clear straight on, dark from side
Protection from prying eyes and scratches

Your iPad is a valuable asset. Now you can work freely in public places, like airplanes, trains, buses or even cafes, and know your confidential information will be safe. Even better, your 3M Easy-On Privacy Filter protects your screen from scratches and rigors of daily use.

3M Visual Privacy Solutions
A full life of visual privacy solutions

3M, the Visual Privacy Experts, has been creating privacy solutions for over 25 years. We offer privacy screen protectors and filters for the most popular models of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and monitors. Safeguard your confidential information (and your organization) with 3M Visual Privacy Solutions.

Find the right privacy solution for your iPad 3M Easy-On Privacy Filter 3M Privacy Screen Protector
Removable for presentations and sharing
Always on, meets compliance standards
Fast, simplified application
Full-adhesive application
Protects your confidential information
Exclusive microlouver privacy technology
Abrasion resistant
Vivid image clarity from front view
Custom cut to fit screen
Available for iPad, portrait orientation
Available for iPad, landscape orientation
Available for iPad mini, portrait orientation
Available for iPad mini, landscape orientation

Product Features

  • Utilizing 3M’s privacy technology, you can use your tablet in public without revealing confidential information. You clearly see your information on your display while people at your side only see a darkened screen.
  • Unique, removable feature allows you to stay private when needed; remove filter to share.
  • Quick, bubble-free attachment method allows the privacy filter to be removed and reapplied numerous times.
  • Privacy filter protects your device screen from scratches and the rigors of daily use.
  • Privacy filter and adhesive corner tabs are washable to remove any dirt or debris.
  • Convenient storage folder keeps your privacy filter clean while not in use on your device.
  • Limited one year warranty
  • Made in USA

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2 Replies to “3M Easy-On Privacy Filter and Screen Protector for the Apple iPad mini – Bubble-Free Application- Portrait (MPF830116)”

  1. Works perfectly I am giving this product 5 stars because it works perfectly. The screen protector is easy to apply, and looks great–no bubbles. The privacy filter works exactly as stated, and is easy to remove and replace. But, for all that, I ended up taking it off. I use my mini to read a lot, and don’t always hold it straight in front of me, so was getting some of the darkening. I also felt that overall it made the screen a bit darker. So, while the product worked exactly as stated, and so deserves 5…

  2. Now I’m somebody who does a really travel and don’t really have need to protect my iPad when I’m out and about. Seriously as somebody ever stole my identity they regret it big time. With that in mind though if you’re somebody who does traveling and you need to keep your screen from prying eyes this will definitely work. And it works well it comes on and off without a hitch.But it is near $44 at the time of writing this review in my opinion that is expensive. I can see these being a…

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